Dana & Jayson - Negative News with Jayson

Monday, April 23rd

Since Mondays are already a little rough, Jayson just leans into the negativity with another round of Negative News. To make sure you don't forget how good you actually have it, he breaks down a series of negative stories floating around the internet to put everything in perspective. Consider yourself warned on a Commercial Free Monday!


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Mandates. And sometimes it's hard to find the inspiration to wake up Jason. It's all of that and zoos things though negative sometimes he can't find the strength and open your eyes so let me right now get all the negative news out of the way so you'll find the one to lead this week and now it's time for everything. Where Jason. And I. America is that big late down. A lot. And we waste more food than anyone else in the world alone that Nixon he sat. You said why are you trying to make me sad Ahmad. That's right we wait a 150000. Tons of food each day. One pound per Perth then. Now and that Europe by saying the United States population and it is 325. Point fab and million people rule. We're gonna do any worse stories than that I can handle it today good is that. Negative being addicted to your vote it's no different from being addicted to drugs. I wouldn't rule no need. Yeah I'm feeling bad out there researchers say the overuse of your life boat is Tim Mueller. It's similar it's similar third time's a charm Q. The you're trying to say something. But we always I'll be elated OP ninth you have dependent they've. Can Bruton. Yeah worse than the story or the fact that you had struggles topic no worries because that's not only like substance abuse your Smartphone addiction will lead you to fill lonely and isolated. And Boone whom and what. Though we didn't crash and event here in new York and the Graham posts that you and your friend that brunch is the gateway drug. Not remember who you know I. And then yeah. Adolescent love OK if you have bats Manuel live here in San Diego you should just give up now. I think that is you know I don't the American Lung Association and that San Diego air is among the worst in our great nation had. And Britain. We don't worry Nina we did metal just an honorable mention and we rate fixed in the US today. This has been negative news of Jason. I feel clans they hope growth and apparently that's still.