Dana & Jayson - Negative News: August 6th

Monday, August 6th

Brace yourself. Monday already comes in hot, but when Jayson browses the news, all he finds is negativity. To help exercise all those negative news demons, he rips the bandaid off with one quick movement on Alt 949. This morning to kick off the week, he brought another batch of the most head-shakingist, eye-rollingist stories he could find, and dropped them right smack in the middle of Commercial Free Monday. You're... welcome?

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All 949 in San Diego's alternative word date and Jason's sometimes the news is so negative that you fall into a deep depression and. On my. Oh. I'm getting if you all the bad news out there today you can hear it all out once from a friendly voice and the you can get on with your day this is an unapproved segment and that it's time for never giving. As we have Jason Lee. Yeah the and drinking diet soda is just as bad for you as drinking over regular soda. They love her. I knew steady comes from the American Heart Association and the diet that can raise the risk of late game. And. Suit diabetes. Hung hung on an unknown. And then he one. Green down your line. Luckily with the dimension you don't really have to worry about the other thing yeah. Yeah you know terrible. Though that's and good news all. You people hate do you good that are. And things eventually out our push him. Can. Danny did came out from the university. Gel. Sources so take that that day. It's said that people who are cooperative and generous and a I mean Dina. Can attract hatred at social punishment from their co worker who wouldn't who wouldn't who. Home that's really good news heard a oh yeah. I can't come on man. Good new days. All right all the good news Thea Diego atop the list the list of the top cities where people are struggling to pay for their house thing. Rule on who got night. Really no old oh what's that you it's now. How many of sandy against can't paid their rent or mortgage 43 point 2% of it's been. One room. The lead that's what that analysis coming out from the joint center for housing studies. Left you do eggs sources is that I can't can I get one of those callers and nothing wrong and we're. And don't worry dame I won't we did it take home the gold silver or bronze on this lasts. Sadly though we just came in fourth in the nation as Clinton moment and wounding. Cleaning out New York's dead aid so that can. The East Coast vs West Coast still lives on and yeah. When. I've spoken about the difference. Is being negative news in Jae soon. You felt were crashed I feel like they can get on with my day night.