Dana & Jayson - The Mustard Proposal

Friday, August 23rd

The mustard proposal. Sometimes you use a snappy title to build the intrigue of a story, and other times you just have to call something exactly what it is. In what Dana thought was sweet, and Jayson and Producer Jack thought was the weakest thing they'd ever seen, some probably well intentioned man used four slices of bread, a tablespoon of yellow mustard, and two paper towels to propose to his girlfriend. Yep. Mustard. Bread. Words written in mustard. On bread. If your head is spinning, you aren't alone, as this morning Dana & Jayson hit the phones to give our listener family the chance to story top this complete disaster, and score a pair of Padres vs. Dodgers tickets. Was anyone up to the challenge? An indecent proposal of the condiment kind this morning on San Diego's Alternative.