Dana & Jayson - Movie Review Smackdown: 50 Shades Freed

Friday, February 9th

Despite the fact that the new 50 Shades movie 'Freed' has gotten a pretty awful rating on Rotten Tomatoes, for some reason Jayson is still looking forward to seeing it. Hoping they could help dissuade him from making ANOTHER bad life choice, Dana and Producer Jack teamed up with a few of their favorite, terrible reviews of the movie, in a new segment called Movie Review SMACKDOWN! 


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My cash we've all heard it that the new fifty shades movie is going to be bad to. It's officially out in theaters as of today but the question is how bad is it really going today. We can't be that bad if you telling you start something in you kind of have to finish don't do this I just watched the first movie in theaters don't I waited for the second movie to come now in so I like watched home in the privacy in my home. And now guys play can be Blake ending chapter. You should also be very transparent. With anyone that's listening right now and tell them what you also rent all all of the fifty kids book including that Christians point of the great. How many times. Like 45 there's the lonely time in my life you're gonna go see this apartment and she said it's bad how bad can it be when it starts out with something like that's. You insist on defying him a scratch. Consider over the. Playing in any. You slimmest. Commuters hit hard. There are. Oh do you. I don't feel your diet today I don't Phil go into something I don't know I feel that I'm not I'm going to see I think art from the conversation but that oil that's with a desperate. Anyway the bottom line is even if you're tempted or someone in your life is tempted to go see this it's not a good idea because I don't believe I've seen a score on rotten tomatoes this slow in quite awhile so at this time just in case you're at all tab and. It's wrong. Yeah. The did moment where we give you what actual people who have seen the movie you're saying about it producer Jack at this time. And I think for a dramatic reading of the reviews but you know. Put your heart and do I. I think they're dramatic enough as it is our its first one just says. EL James one feminism zero yeah. We this is a film in which one of the more emotionally detailed performances is given by a product placement howdy it's a lot. All my gosh that's bad I heard the out he's really good yeah. Tying me up tie me down make me watch bad films just no more fifty shades only come. And our. And finally but in terms of drama or melodrama or just bad drama. Freed rarely delivers the goods while trying hard to give fans what they came for for good measure the filmmakers also toss in a but like. Oh. Just beat bill. Good mood in the. And this is fit enough to read bishop golf movie reviews and now.