Dana & Jayson - McMillions

Tuesday, January 14th

A scam was perpetrated on the American public, and Dana & Jayson aren't going to stand for it. A new documentary that is set to be released tells the tale of how the man who was trusted to oversee McDonald's popular Monopoly game orchestrated a massive cheating ring to help scam the fast food giant out of MILLIONS. If you are of a particular age, and a particular income bracket, Mickey D's peel-and-play game was everywhere, promising customers the opportunity to change their lives with one super sized order of fries at a time, but it seems something was rotten behind the scenes. As card carrying members of the McDonald's fan club, and armed with this new information, could Jayson and Producer Jack work through their feelings of betrayal (and indigestion)? We checked our receipts this morning on San Diego's Alternative.