Dana & Jayson - Mandatory Topical Jokes of the Week: July 17th

Tuesday, July 17th

Because upper management at Alt 949 thinks Dana & Jayson's show needs a little punching up, they've employed a handful of out-of-work sitcom writers to help craft some topical jokes. Since apparently the fine print in their contract obligates them to use these jokes, it's time for Dana & Jayson's Mandatory Topical Jokes of the Week on Alt 949.

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Rule. And now it's time for Dana and Jason's. Mandatory. Topical jokes of the week. They're actually had a problem. Delivery they use outside Jack's he had that's why they didn't land as well also this week we're taking another crack at it the all night or nine writers have been working hard and this isn't an efforts to quote. How beat. Up and it could come at age so. Producer Jack you have your jokes at hand I'm ready you know they're ready. David Hasselhoff turns 66 today his body hair is finally is great isn't glamour. A move okay. Heavy Black Sabbath bassist diss her Butler turns 69 today he said he doesn't mind getting older because now it finally makes sense that his name is geezer. Birthday jokes like that it jokes. Who can. That you can now get Crocs with two inch heels they're great for the woman who wants to make the statement I've totally given up. Because. There is more I want people or an activist claims signals are getting drunk on English beaches. And we know what that leads to irresponsible. Tweeting. That's. That. Because their birds. This has indeed now on Jason's mandatory yeah topical jokes and weak and all 949. They may not like give but the delivery was on point out that a bit.