Dana & Jayson - Man Rompers

Wednesday, May 17th

If you haven't already heard, rompers for men are actually a thing. Why?!?!?! Whenever something ridiculous happens, you can count on Jayson to jump into action and take it to the next level, raiding Dana's closet, and modeling a romper around the station. Our HR department will be getting lots of visits today.

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Man rom Burgess are an actual thing if you needed definition. It's an also Wear the shirt is attached to the little shorts. With a cinched waist that's a romper ordain and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative. Now robbers or some and they usually little girls or women Wear but now there's a company and it's actually kick starter campaign for companies that really wanna make man robbers a fashion trend is called the robbed him and that. The company actually surpassed their fund raising goal by over 300%. Which means that people walkman romp purse but I'm looking at the photos of these men in these little outlets and and I don't think that any woman would ever sleep with a man wearing a romper. I mean now Oakmont and they would do it in like an ironic way and no one's sleeves to summon an ironic and I. I'd just telling young men I mean women like when meant DC but thanks. It's not stupid they're trying to look cool okay well I think actually it looks kind of cool I know you tell me one man romper. If the weather 95 dollars so what do Jason jam. Money came over for taco Tuesday last night he went into my closet looking for our romper and now he has a romper Iran under his close three now I'm gonna do the big reveal so you can get a first reaction response okay. A real review of some icon at its season this is so wrong that all. If they tied up high where he thought it up to benefit and I have politics with this short or really a short while while while I'm not I'm actually guarding my eyes okay. Up up up up. First let's look at. It's like six. I use your small hook up a you all again as I don't waste is clinging completely it's Jason's deli his chest hairs expose initial words. Our daisy duke blank it. Jack can you get a picture up on FM 949 SD dot com do I have to what should make our website officially not safe for work. I have hit of at the world Ohio the bottom line is no woman would sleep with a man wearing a man Rahm par. Well luckily for you my party win around the office that way than you did at the mixed review with this Kelly and traffic I have a question to ask you a and it was Rio now would you ever sleep with that man and one of these a man romper and it doesn't have to be mean but I just wanna be that example. It's doubtful. Doubtful I hear a little curiosity about. Yeah. Yeah I don't know I'm just thinking it so little a feminine for me. Don't think yeah. Okay miss the jets the assistant producer from Tony's on our sister station and one question would you ever sleep with a man who wears a man romp part like this what I'm wearing today now not at all. But you did it just check me out completely and focused on a certain area Gerri curia. Don't let your wearing and why you're wearing that to work. But I don't I'm not a fan of that Robert anyways and on on a managed just no thank you Graham discussing thank you up. OK tell me. From John and Tammy clearly to. Eight product that's a lot of these okay you are not wearing one of my hits have one question you men cannot where rappers you're heterosexual female yes would you outburst sleep with the man who wears a man robbery it doesn't have to be me okay no no I know you're very sweet in and you have a beautiful thing is so I would sleep with you but not wearing any improper but what that night captain Morgan and do little threat situation should not turn. Many ending in which it kind of turns your stomach and that's a thank you go I feel so bad for her poor co workers why it did you hear their reaction. Like terrorism curiosities. You know maybe ease in the air. May be I'll go to HR maybe I love. I think where the may became visibly you concede the pictures of Jay he's sending in Iran Burke he's not a man romper it's my rocker. SM 949 SD dot com are on the free FM 949.