Dana & Jayson - Left Overs (Is Jayson Rude?)

Monday, April 1st

This morning on Alt 949, Jayson wasn't sure if he was being rude. Not on the air during the Dana & Jayson show, but over the weekend at Dana's home. In the warm afterglow of a Friday night get together for Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack at Dana's apartment, Jayson started wondering if an ongoing pattern was actually rude. Whenever Jayson attends such a get together, he always comes with wayyyyy too much alcohol for the group, and has never had a second thought about taking it home with him at the end of the night until now. Is this acceptable social behavior, or does Jayson need to leave his greediness (and his booze) at the door? Poppin' bottles and poppin' off with opinions this morning on San Diego's Alternative.