Dana & Jayson - K-I-SS-I-N-G

Monday, April 16th

​Research suggests that the average person kisses about 25 people in their lifetime before they meet 'the one'. Like Goldilocks' three bears The Dana & Jayson show staff covers the full spectrum as one of us is way under, one is way over, and one is right in the middle. What will be jussstttt right for our listener family? We invited you to #jointhefamily and #jointheconversation and give us your number.


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There are two types of people. Those who have kissed a lot of people before they found. Bill one meant and there are those that how it does have a guess a lot of people so I just saw this and that. According to research you kissed about 25. People what it. Before finding the one yes on average that's how many people that people can't. And I really everyone in this room is having an extreme reactions about. How are. If you're either an overt Cheever and an under achiever and please join this family conversation at 695701949. Are you an over achiever and under achiever. If 25 is the average DNA is an overt cheaper. You get the gold. Right the irony limits I should have some sort of like and faction and my back. I think as the eye can do it and it actually makes me feel shame oh see that number X 25. Like I surpassed 25 the probably about like freshman sophomore year in high school I think blow. Now I need like somewhere in Iceland don't make me so that's normal except like a therapist OK and though how does that make you feel sad because. If used. Asked me how many people live testimony to a because I don't know hall because it isn't that many. There's that many people and I am when I saw this I started thinking about like. It was really over like a really long period of time they know it actually wasn't because a lot of people wait till they're like. 2728. When 930 to find the one or maybe even into their mid thirties. I was cut off from kissing. At 22. Because I met my husband is so early on got so from the age of twelve people of via 222. A decade to decade of kids on the unlimited people I don't I don't know how I got gaming is the estimate. There is important is it. Oh trash Leo and you go now it doesn't you they're galleries and hopefully there are you were insecure. Oh my god we're looking for love and all the wrong place affirmation exactly and you found affirmation not with words now but with who I think yeah. I felt so good about myself whenever I would like make out the hot guy yeah. Doesn't matter he was scared do they count if they were getting into the camera out all of them the leeway is there are just it goes off the they are the fun and positive matter for another pretending to be straight and on that count cancer can look did you like get. What ones so I. I wish I had your experience okay guys here's the assuming. That you. Are good kids there because of all the practice I have practice makes perfect yeah current target I assume your not. I ain't boo. I only had three people in my life. Don't look at me as I'm not for yeah. And so. That one's aim at you try to kiss me and I literally gave him my neck because I gonna want him to get to know you turned away because I'm a bird. Do you think it validates your aggressive I feel like that's very into met that is our interview late. Can hit someone but now I realize that I'm not good at kissing because I was trying to drunk we make out with my fiancee on the Snow White right at Disneyland though. And dark. Each week. This weekend and you literally had a young means that too much tongue. I don't know about me and to that I have a practice that you had so I'll let him my son is like a vital mistakes. I don't really you why did yeah. So and it seemed endless Snow White right you and that was like the first right we went on after it you know pounding them Beers Jack do you wanna tell you that I you know. Heard just a little shocked and confused by all of that. Are you out energy guy I challenge and I somewhere in the met your Boras if and when you said you would reach that number by freshman year I think you're gonna say freshman year of college and it didn't happen and now. Pressuring your high school. Don't have an idea kind of via so now I determined that I'm probably in that sweet spot around their buddies when he died too young to when he ensure that you are right it's like rewrite history I would. I myself a lot June you now live noble lie no. I don't look at it that's off all Ayman none. Because I'm tired CEO and jackets is normal and I would like to say that it was like a make out culture it wasn't like and then I slept little all of those people as well because I was like super protective of that but. And anybody can do her mouth other. Our area awfully nice outlets they are it is another everywhere aren't quite up. The I've. Hi had a bucket list of people that I wanted to make sure I as well we're leaving college just for you did you reach that there was one that you ally headlights. And what they did a weird somehow and then I was like at a bar in lake senior year was wrapping up and I hadn't. I just said I'm going to find him because he's probably here. And then I found them and I just said. I am so glad I found Jude because I've been looking for Yeo and he said great Y and I was like because we have to Cass oh. He's like I agree so we dead and the bucket list was checked off. Everyone on the bucket. Yeah that's Owen Kearns then probably a few extra sand until. I'm not proud of not though gas shame so much you know I never even talked about that no one even knows that though. Mel all the I don't. Shouldn't jump shot he arrived in good. 61019. There are nine. Where are you somebody that would land a little over are you like Dana are you like me dude you're do you like a normal person might producer Jack. We have one overt she run the show and one under achiever on the show. One person with a regret old do you ever grabbed you out to them that just now. OK so we both have our Greta full of regret. 25 people that's the amount of people that research says you can kiss before you find the one that's the average person and Dina. Before. Freshman year don't Sapp wouldn't high school and we congratulate Qaeda. And missed that earlier they missed that back that Dunbar and I still haven't reached that number probably never allow Nadal certainly you'll you're getting married in July term following tests thirty people. And I don't know how many people I'd kiss that. So are you above average for both. Bull averaged 619570194. And I and you can be anonymous hey Rachel good morning from east Downey. Have you kissed 25 people with forty foul up the line up. Well and technically. Skilled at this point let I'm I'm pretty secure that's what I'm 27 years old but I need. Deaf kids less than what I had so much and my respect. Yeah I mean you know. You just have standards. There and you're just really a lot of sense and you're saying. This with the wind data was in peak make out these then alleged during the time where making out with like cool that you were I. Well I mean it I don't know if it ever went out of a trend or whatever I'm not shorter. What that we cannot do oh Rachel does that. Jerk self worst isn't tied to the men net. And did not affirming you with misty making out because until she was very radically chunk yeah usually. On an old cheerleader because you don't need so assumed to this like all I. I don't much is that you mid Bigelow. Yeah yeah I went. Because. If a guy that know what to track and left him and giving me attention. That it was just like yes I wanna make out with them. Rachel are you a good kisser though the. I think that I have. You feel like because you haven't made out with more than 25 people you might not be. You need it. More than money but people don't you can't develop that. Now I get angry at all that you told me at this too much Tom means a that's what I'm happy that talked up I thought we I was ready to take notes he has good and they are. Do you sell electric company at lament. I'm going to be honest with you and you think you're drag grey area a little bit chips yeah yeah okay so I don't. Oh my god. I could have been known to get a little much when I have got a drinker or are there and you got seed. I got feedback like yeah I didn't really care for that. You can right click a loose tongue you know when you give a couple of drinks and years sometimes you talked to match sometimes you tongue too much of my. I mean I think I was being pretty assertive it was right about we have bill which is about to fall off the cliff and all of these seven doors are standing there are a variety of how could you help yourself and I I don't. Yeah yeah I don't I don't.