Dana & Jayson - Job Reference

Wednesday, May 17th

​Being a professional reference is a big responsibility, which is why it's shocking someone asked Jayson to give them one. Will Jayson help or hurt her chances of snagging a new gig? You'll have to listen to find out!

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Asking somebody to be a professional. Reference to help you get a job is a huge responsibility for the person that has to give the reference and I am in law. That today Jason is going to be giving a job reference for someone that we people for now now this woman net. She is a boss. Yeah okay she's worked with people like Dee Snider. Rock legends like Alice Cooper but instead of asking one of them to give her job reference she's decided on the Shays said. Hi do you understand how important it is. Yes that's like taking notes from all what your saying she's a box so that's the good language to use and she's worked with Dee Snider and housekeeper whoever they are. You can't mess this up for that's the thing I get one tried. Bingo and I really would like to get inside the mind of somebody they'll ask you two do vest so I have not the person you're giving a reference for on the line right now her name is Christine. Yes what he's thinking a cloudy day. I don't think he's always had a happy and energetic and confident and I don't currently have a job and that was my age green job and well honestly my future than your paycheck that I didn't really think about Phil just. Now so I thought in front of you I would put Jason on the spot right now and we're gonna do a little bit of role playing I'm the person doing the interview Allen caddie Jason is going to be the Y and that is going to be giving preference. So what I just we're just gonna pick up right in the middle of the conversations you can see what it'll be like I'm okay. Right so I Bernie looked over her qualifications. Why do you think that she's qualified. Because she always knows the bass these seats again at every time you play. Well aside from where should be taking our clients to lunch but is there anything further you could say about her skills sat. I am I and I think that sees out of clay and all things Microsoft like word and debt. Outlook and PowerPoint. Okay that we don't really need her to be actually have an assistant that does that I. She's getting an assist while we would need to believe is going to be at a managerial roles so as far as managing people really cost lady of proud of her. Are both that's a big step for our yell we know but that's why we're asking for our reference well. If her fashion sense has anything to do it that it bag that queen knows how to put together at lovely blouse and issue come about. It's he definitely looks the part I'm sure she can play the part tale. Christine and yet kind of it's like a bit older and cover. Up. Yeah anything to drink yet than and that's it for whatever reason I don't get the job so I'm going Jasper preview and you get the sense that. I don't give up on me I can be trained why don't I just make data and stand behind me and so I don't have an answer correctly or I could have them on speaker phone data in your writing that answers a lot of board. Now what else that's like my wife and I now head set and getting you import that goes is Dana would be boring and they're probably both slave all business. Nasseria. I didn't know agents never cute aren't Wafer infopath list and it could convert you get that supermodel com vol stand behind him or Chrissie I've got your back and has. Why didn't take you for coming on the bus don't worry I I'll try not think I suppose the.