Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Junk Price is Right: Chick Magnet

Tuesday, September 18th

Just when you thought it was safe to go back online, Jayson is lurking on Craigslist. No, not for friendship this time, this time he's looking to buy the weirdest things you can think of available for a quick cyber-purchase. Since he's already doing it anyway, Dana & Jayson decided to turn it into a game. This morning, we put tickets to the Scream Zone on the line, three members of our listener family on the phone, and found out who could nail the price of a baby chicken. Yep, a little bartering this morning on San Diego's Alternative.

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Now it's time. This is your price is right equipped. Hosting the yeah. She is an item off Craig's list it's usually something weird that he doesn't need but he's very tempted departures and what's even more weird is what the seller his asking for this weird item. Jason you have selected an item this morning I have all you have to do is be the closes first into the sellers actual asking price without going over closest person is going to get hooked up this morning. And today's item is actually an animal. It's a little actually a little kick it. OK I will remind you that you have a one bedroom apartment that little case Ito my balcony when she won it. France chicken eggs in the morning neighbor. One more thing for your kids to walk. What concerns me is is that you might actually dues ex and further asking prize he would let him Leila good morning from Mira mesa. Up. Or. A little baby actually sort out. There is an. Amanda are you there from Chula Vista yet hang out and yours thoughts on the hat slang. Hoo for wall up and Anna worked out by Alec I dollars and bringing in a yeah. And nick from Carmona last 1 up this morning. Kinda sick and hit it solid and I don't know baby won both. Now note reader right orbit no. Agree or variety because they didn't indeed held that it DS with both its at Craigslist hatch leg yeah. They're yellow top. Go to it. Big dollars. Think dollar all I've got it's it is dealing closes game that's ever happened jays and the but not that close it's not that does now because the one of our guest this was the right. On and hide under the something special happened when that happens then they like when an extra thousand dollars on price is right. Yet not on yeah. Diet OK hey Leila premier made that. Congratulations. You got it was for a dollar. I. How vast knowledge of Craigslist she added the assistant. I. Crawl or I don't let your body. Hate her own personally barbarians are honored and congratulations. Is it's jumped price is right with its. Ready for eggs in the morning.