Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Friend Request: Safe Rides with Jeff

Thursday, September 13th

On the highway of friendship, Jayson seems a little stranded lately. Despite his previous failures, Dana & Jayson are committed to helping him navigate his way to a new friend with Jayson's Friend Request. This morning, he hopped behind the wheel, contacting the unsuspecting author of a ride sharing post, to find out if he could merge into the fast lane to friendship, or if he'd be stranded on the shoulder. Reaching out and touching someone this morning on San Diego's Alternative.

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All Lenny for nine San Diego's alternative word Damon Jason and Jason trenor cries brought to you by the bridal designer. Calling strangers on Craigslist for friends just. Jason's friends requested day chase and all night or not. Last week he said you would give up but you'll get up to now you changed your mind about giving have a couple tactics new tactics in my bag so you still plan to call people on Craigslist recently posted dance yes and you're looking for a fraction when members that you don't care about the ad they've posted. Though and this guy he apparently is trying to do like a ride sharing businesslike and Cooper left and it thief writes with Jeff and ice state. He just posted a code number in the ads so I'm it's gonna cool cozy Evan apps. Now right now given the call and he'll take you he has the alternative to over. Note how I used to sleep rights with Jeff. Yet yet it is about the weather beaten you. How old. The pleasure is all mine laying down. I need misty said and I am here to be taken by you. Great great that I'm happy. So what BA and in time and an occasional visit. Right down here. Some that pick up time is now and the location is your hearts go out. And oh. And he may. Oh down. You well you seem like a very dice dude and very safe like in Europe and Craig both posts they've tried with death I. Yes he's thank you bit. I don't really understand that I'm sure you've you've arrived in Iraq. And I'm here to give you or idea that's that are and I just with thinking hey I mean use your picture the one that you had with your Craig's list at with you in the thoughtful plays there and Motley. Warm smile and inviting guy is I just thought that. That person. Jeff you as the man. Wood winds meet he says and as a frat I was since. I'm not really sure what you're getting now with all those but. My job is to give people ride so you need to pick up on you that time I knew the location I don't know what they ate at the thought but. You know and I appreciate the nice compliment I don't need anything else so you pick up he'd right. My job. In Jamaica at Bryant. OK look I'm not looking to make a pregnant man. I can take you really need to go out. The thing is sometimes you know that the GPS the life takes that the different path. And I think this is taking up about. A dominant element that don't all hate lately I am so sorry do you with the Altman were meg. Yeah I would work for them I work for the radio station. Okay and I'm on team wording shallow. OK so is that a yes that if you read on it okay is this is that a yes to friendship. I'm going to be on the elegant. Return on nine for nine marketing arm yes you're actually on right now old in no way lemon yes I hope they're pretty cool actually. OK awesome so you wanna be friends. We noted Jason's friend request. Denied that was the checking your. Kabul bag of tricks next item and offer him a teacher so you just through the radio station under the did a poor job of representing us and still got no front Elliott that consistent.