Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Friend Request: Fortnite Trainer

Thursday, August 9th

​Fortnite is everywhere. You can't turn around without seeing a YouTube video, or Twitch stream centered around the gaming phenomenon. Just because Jayson knows NOTHING about the game, or the people who play it, that isn't stopping him from responding to a Craigslist ad offering Fortnite training services. This should be good. Will Jayson be the last man standing, or will this be GAME OVER for friendship. Find out on Jayson's Friend Request on San Diego's Alternative.

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Calling strangers on Craig's list for French ship another awesome really awkward dishes from Jason's friends requested data Jason. All 9490. Yeah. It's like an epic saga the end of that would be friendship yes if you made it sure friends off of Craigslist but so far no doubt no doubt Jason always wants friendship and so he goes to Craigslist and he finds people that posted ads you lead people to believe that your interest in the ad they've posted that you're not interested in that they'll not at all but this guy I believe is a winner because -- a name for now ain't oh god yes he the trainer he'd dead that's that they can that's our main train garden and I have no clue about anything about port nine hourly Carol I hear about this front old but he thinks that you need a cherry owner yes there should piquant. How much does he charge. When mr. A little. Hi Chris. Mr. trump and this is chase then you lovable person you know. Well it depends on level. How the government. Well I contests held by Euro lovable person by the tone of your voice but I diarrhea rash and Diane aren't doing so well look I am so interested in speaking with view of about Europe's fashion and love for that game. Yeah. Yet as Canada abroad the love I guess I mean not only from me a lot of people slip his security general. Correct and you know I'm just looking at this whole. Situation. Thing between you and I. Beginning siege you know. Certain. Yeah. You know we gotta start somewhere and ultimately be the curve it left. That value go to the game works so you were you associated with the basics I have not one clue about fourth night. Ford excuse me. Abort abort my fourth now that's funny that. Floor and not vote yea those it's it's just eat like four. No I have holiday is the I just a big hitter for night god that I hear you don't. So I agrees welcome Craig you know you're probably aware that that over 400 kills morale. And you know I I posted a drop him over 200 miles could. Get played over 800 matches so. You know to be quite honest I just blacked out right now and I mean I literally don't know anything you'd just sat. I don't wanna be Kaymer. And I saw your post and that I thought media. That she would just wanna be friends. All right so. A I'm a little bit lost you know a lot of board sport right now you don't watch him is that. That I. Could hurt their capital where they're like trigger option doesn't know you really does look like a backstage post on Craig was debated not. Don't I don't I mean I know I so I know I'm so sorry I don't I'm Kirsten I'm not looking to hook up sexually. All around I just winds. I just want to be friends invite in real life like go get coffee and meat I'll sit there and you can tell me about how you meet top ten. Over. Whatever those killer. Not a chaos really looking at her coffee how. None of it are I don't think it's. I think he kind of had a chance yet to meet you just gotta be a little work. OK but within a second chance it's always that good love and hate you now if you change your arm and how about a million times. You can count on it hero no doubt I thought she double sure I don't. Jason's friend request. Denard. Now he does it affect his kidneys started saying it. Well at the low point in my life I just aren't seeing a out of the end. He had no. Repeated use saying have I got nervous.