Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Friend Request: Big Girls Need Love Too

Thursday, August 16th

​Calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship. Somehow Dana & Jayson (but mostly Jayson) get away with doing this on Alt 949. He scours the bowels of the interwebs to find Craigslist's cream of the crop, zeroes in on his unsuspecting prey, and moves in for the friendship kill. This morning on Alt 949, Jayson has some hefty goals when it comes to his latest attempt at online friendship, but will things get in to shape when push comes to shove? Find out what happened this AM on San Diego's Alternative.​​

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All money for nine San Diego's alternative word Dana and jays send Angie suspend her present brought CU like Odyssey university. Calling strangers on Craig's list for French ship another awesome really awkward dishes from Jason's friends requested data Jason. All 949. It's like you never get tired. No you're not warrant out despite getting hung up on on a weekly bass says this is a marathon sister Jason is searching for our friends. He goes for the deaths of Chrysler as he looks it adds that people post. Kennedy leads people to believe that he's interested in what they've posted that really are you on his friendship correct and I found someone more desperate and mean that there's a very strong female who's looking for an older man to have sex last. But you're not an older man that you don't want to have sex with a woman correct I just wanna be your prime and just seems like I need to prod. Little. That's really on their desk and apparently she's a big girl so you have to be into that and you are right now if. Current. Hi is this smell. I don't wanna work. Hello now I am. I'm calling about your personal you left in this discussion board about looking for an older men. And I quote. Looking for and those string that taps. Prefer someone 26 plus please send me a message with that picture of what matters and also your age well I am a big girls the you have to be into that. Oh yeah I hear you're and that. I'm like singing Blondie. I'm actually none no law there. Carol I'm getting. You can't run again. I am and this is this is going. To follow through with this whole situation and then. Go ahead. I am because I believe everyone should be able to express themselves the way they want tale honestly. Laura good. Yeah yeah. Well. Requests said that I mean I have a lot of feelings this though is some time I don't express myself in the best way that I into super emotional. On third and. I can't take I believed I was just thinking like warned about during you know. I'm sorry to set your Yahoo! I express myself on over the word I have almost I have. It still worried don't include you like it. And I don't know. Well clearly. And they're really going to. I'm a resident that I direction. Yeah even now our current that I can get home. Okay pleased. It's very my comfortable on the gala. Why do you residual. I don't need it right I need a man. Okay yes ma'am add either yes I am sorry yes ma'am IE IAM. Every week attribute you and not because I hope that I had on pretty good and I didn't have you're just went in my time. OK I just don't wanna have. And I am not a daddy and I apologize I actually make gay man who wanted to be friends because you seem like someone who need the Fred and I wanna tell you that you don't. Have to post on Craig's list for relation I can be your wing man at a bar you were strong powerful woman holds that might actually have daddy issues and maybe we can sit down at a Starbucks sometime I'll talk about them. I. Denied.