Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Friend Request

Friday, May 19th

​Calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship is actually something we do on Dana & Jayson, and this morning Jayson reached out to a lesbian woman looking for some companionship. Not surprisingly, she's a little concerned to find out the 'J' she's been emailing with is actually Jayson. Here we go again.

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Calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship that's something that happens and a segment that we do called Jason's friend requests it's in NG some FM 949 San Diego's alternative we are new to San Diego so instead of making friends in May be what some would call the normal way Jason goes on Craig's lust and vice people that post ads they're not looking for friendship they're looking to maybe sell some thing gives something away but you want French up. I always want French and today you know that personal section on Craig's list where it's like man seeking man woman seeking woman and that kind of thing usually don't venture into that section I downed but I had to dig deep on this one and I found this lovely woman he seeking another woman and she's no let's be not the Ed GA says he's not looking for hookah Bernie thinks she's just looking for French ship but in her description. Of what she's looking for. It's a perfect friendship match with Maine I think that from my French atomic. Why is this Christine. Hi Christine this is that. Well my name. Chains like we've been emailing back and forth about your Craigslist. Oh. Yeah like the letter today. Okay I am and what is an import. Nathan. Why well okay okay okay I know. Oh god it's him. I don't know Pete you have the wrong number eighty Craig split ad. Yeah you know the wind and where you posted about women seeking lay men. Yeah and you relay eager title let it cure cure yes kiss seem OT faith and your lake in a Oceanside or whatever and you're looking for. A someone who's unattached and very met single and ready to mean well. I I definitely know error. I know it and why you're calling your name date that your guy. Well OK Christie and like I know that you're looking for famine and let's the end but I aim I look like a feminine lesbian. All can I just hear me out because I've really felt connected to your post because I mean you're. You would be you've got to be kidding me but what my act specifically say I did not want. Well okay you said no studs and I'm not even close to being that. Okay act no way I till I. I don't know I take it call me because I thought. That black men are more than NN NN an old. And hold on just give me a chance because you're like a homebody you like Netflix and you like bullying and I base that no guys but I thought that maybe we can bond like this that's. I cull that. I know Chris Christine no I just wanted to ask you to be my friend. Do you are you and cooking now announcer are you kidding me this is you're right I just felt like. Don't either cold. Day you wouldn't mind you know I mean girl and you may be leaving her wanna pack it. I no no no no no no no no I did not make it. I just failed to tell you that I was a male. You know he did compartment you know let that go there I I will get a her out more. He don't curse me out to just hear me out I just like a reasonably. I felt like if we can get past this hurdle at shock that we can actually go into a valley of friendship and breast there with each other with rainbow unicorn. Did my ad said looking for women would be not yet. Looking for a wide net. But if you drop a WOO it's just demand to know why don't limit yourself. She's a thing. If you drop the W. Oh it's just to amend. You are makes sense today we need desperate times calls for desperate measures I'll try to make a lovely lesbian pride but they're like rarely uniform though they are not what. The big there's other ways of going about it though I have no way. Fell. Brute. Through a.