Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Bro Summit: Showing Not Growing

Friday, August 10th

Sometimes, especially on a Friday, you just need to bro out. Since Jayson happens to be best friend with a female mother of three, this isn't always as easy as he'd like. To make sure he got his required allotment of testosterone, he used a pair of Friday night KAABOO Del Mar passes to lure a dude from our listener family to call in, and broke the good news for dudes everywhere. Why is this heatwave making men everywhere showers, not growers? We... reluctantly found out this morning on Alt 949.​

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All 949 city goes alternative where data and Jason and there are very few moments in my life where I find I can't talk to you about something Dana it's my gender is the problem yes those sometimes I asked for a bro loop. To give them some great information. And that's why we're doing that's right now. Now it's time for Jason's rose soon. Spot for Lavoy yeah. Saying yeah yeah Abigail is a holy goalie so good you. Are too cool too little going on congratulations. Some are under way and it's heat wave is making our. And large all eyes the fact that our morale. Yeah. Oh yeah yeah. You can even talked about the on the radio you know that little doctor jobs that the viewers that they enjoy back climate change let me tie oh well. I I now I don't know have you noticed a difference. In the anatomy you said. You know I ask you about a blow yeah except that he's gone through that at different levels hey. Science. Apparently. Because all of this wedding. And drinking of water it helps with being a show work and not a grow our. He rumors that it makes that loaded. OJ who wouldn't it. Just for the record I've never seen Dana move as far away from the microphone. An occurrence and yeah it is right now and I kind of its fifth. But here's the deal it affects everyone in this room. And honestly bro I never knew I like to bloat so much perpetrated it were a group. We'll get so. I would just as of right now like this they with you bro. Cheers to our summer a plants may they glass. The cold winter months and never grows shy all right O Rick I have a lot of other nicknames for your. And out thank you don't give me and the rose on the Sandra but I. Oh yes this is an another installment of juice. Those summer story ever something more than Cavuto marching and I don't know let's get all of the event every ticket well blatt and Taylor. She's. Are amazing.