Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Bro Summit: D*** Pics

Friday, September 14th

You know that song about needing a hero? This segment is kind of like that, except Jayson needs a her-BRO. When your best friend is a 38 year-old mother of three, you don't have the same opportunities to get quality, testosterone-driven dude time. Lucky for him (and probably us too) we do this thing called Jayson's Bro Summit. He invites a dude from our listener family to join him, bro out, and find out information ALL dudes need heading into a big San Diego weekend. The bro-down is about to go down for Padres tickets.

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All money for nine San Diego's alternative ordain and Jason and I got my eyebrow. Yes and I how that the information end so that he can go spread it out within all the brother read a San Diego and that almost made son's close enough from those sickened. Now it's time for Jason's grows soon. Radio and Matt from bits yeah yeah. We're low I have one important question for you though what that have you ever said to. Pick before. Like should not it's not it's not a matter now okay well I have. Recently and it was that very well received. Just in case you're wondering do most of us who don't know how to properly send our little sex caliber that that they'll be well received by our little princess is that you know what I mean I carrot. There is this what men on the Internet where you can send it peck at your giggles. Old. And it's still critique yet. Like that it's to keep pace of that service. No it's very well brooch she just wrote an essay about how to make your nudes better and I have all the information for you exes so Haaretz. The first is that. That you word picture needs to be zoomed out enough to include at least some of the torso and thigh and sometimes the full. Okay this kid we canceled this segment there's only two more points. All this that gay is that defender's hands are included change that which always adds warmth and intimacy to the picture Jason. Okay and the third is that they're settle in tone either because concede that. They're the boxers heard he's and I just leave. Or through the use of new delighting flattering angles and carefully chosen that big can this don't entertainment show I don't know what it is I don't know what that says the broad next time you wanna send your younger. Anyone at all old. Yeah okay these tactics are yep it's terrible tiger beat and will be well worth the. Yes this has been another installment of Jason. Osama. So you're welcome no it now now now. At least now when you receive one they'll be better.