Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Bro Summit: Bedroom Distractions

Friday, June 22nd

Jayson doesn't get to bro out much. He hangs out with Dana all the time, and while she's a wonderful best friend, she isn't exactly bringing the dude vibes that Jayson sometimes needs. To help fill the void, he solicits a dude to #jointhefamily, and holds a weekly Bro Summit. This morning on Alt 949, he had some helpful advice to bring more joy to bedrooms across the globe. What is his advice for all the dudes out there? You'll have to listen to find out.

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All 949 San Diego's alternative urging an end Jason and sometimes the man just needs to be a man with his man friends who will man confer and it's. Side of my best friend just how happens to be a woman's. This is the point of the show where I invite one of our all 94 night family bros out there Ambrose out there and this is when we view the growth some. Draft is now it's time for Jason's throws some. Matthew from Oceanside other garden tomorrow it's go when hole. To those times that yesteryear. That. Period it. You little Matthew bird just a young block experiencing the pleasures of a female though for the very first time light. Oh wow are. Remember how sometimes the gun which fire prematurely. But. I probably Matthew I hate you probably have no problem with finishing the race on time. And can you go and aren't. It's a marathon. And I. It's great to put up the patriot though exactly. And I go back to you you were the all cement racer. But it's a and just in case for all the wrested the dude is out there are two might be experiencing. A faulty Canon. Yeah or. It's daddy just happened and where they asked a bunch of other dudes what they think about during you know the horizontal tango I can. Make sure you clock out on time my. Listen bro I'm an umbrella deal I know you don't need this information but just for our other brother and it will you allow me to tell you the top five things men think about to last longer be glad to hear that number one. Some dudes think about work to stop the boat from leaving the true. What's your job. I am an overnight argument yeah I mean you have to be careful with eggplant if you were all like yeah okay Hamburg to. Think about in animate objects like a door knob. It's also true okay. Mentally do you. Math problems such stopped and why equaled and then the fun of me while it's. True. Okay and then think about someone unattractive. Ed and my favorite one had to keep those pants furry of trouser great but you know. I'm not gonna die. Big about a parent or grandparent. At the that's that's the magic coach you know why no one doubly Woodward then I. Hello yes this is been another installment of Jason. Those summit.