Dana & Jayson - Jaychella

Friday, April 20th

​The entire Dana & Jayson show crew is headed out to Coachella this weekend, but Jayson still has concerns and demands. Another morning of pushing his will on poor, unsuspecting Producer Jack. What will Jayson expect from him now on their first family trip? You'll have to listen to find out what's going down at #Jaychella. 

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The three of us will be Ruiz this weekend as he had to the desert I have a very important question to ask our. You're fine you can be seen. The states where you okay over their producer Jack. Up your continued search okay. Well for a little out we're all going to Coachella this we can immoral thing in the same health and will be standing beside each other during the call third perfect so I'm not and I have a very important question. Can. Jack yes you can't get Q hide not to drive because you don't drinks than now Yuri DD. Every year at Coachella Diana the Nagano has to drive everybody is Jack you don't drink at all does that mean I don't like to let loses. That is supplements can have to have them we were just discussing in the car about how I might be I don't know off the rails with alcohol and you might be he's sorry he about doing vodka. Unlike you can't that's not going to be interfered produce exciting all the color ran out of my face. Pipeline at least do some shots before we go shots of vodka value over the left. Yeah we're up by seventeen and you're gonna go well there's also you vomiting that I also Rahal from that experience either elect the heat low light could get off. Could get my dad called dehydration and Dell Jason where he's so you know like what do you drink when you're doing an all day drinking situation and my idea was like. Well let's do like a fund the most sun light bulb police situation in the morning like gift of peace yourself. For the other thing is Coachella is great with craft beer they have all their barns they a lot of that and you can actually drink that over the course of the day right exactly like and I don't too fast too soon it's going to be OK I got all right now with two fastest Iranian our relationships. And my own career yup and drink and you're gonna go off the rails and then what are we going to do with you I don't. Why do this started out with me telling Jack he has to be heard Didi because you're going to be having a little bugs on your husband probably well my fiance well at your girlfriend probably well so producer Jack. Our safety both on your shoulders I have no problem driving everybody and staying. Alerts and I'm prepared to drive everybody back but when I'm not going to do now is I'm not going to drive a full car. Of drunken people with Jason. Headline and a car show up and screaming and crying beyoncé song I don't know what I exam I did the Coachella headliner will be highlighting the Carter stayed on my back to the house. I know anybody that.