Dana & Jayson - Jared Leto Returns

Friday, March 16th

With New Music Discovery on deck in April from Thirty Seconds to Mars, Dana's man-crush, front man, and Oscar winner Jared Leto returned to the Dana & Jayson show to talk about the direction this album is taking, the process of music that has taken almost 5 years to create, and... Jayson being Jayson. Check out our full interview!


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That's new music discovery by thirty seconds to Mars is cold dangerous night all money for nine San Diego's alternative the mental debate and battle that I am experiencing. When it. The whole lake you're gonna talk to Jared let go things got dropped on me is like you don't even know that toiling I've been going through over the health. Do I be myself now right so I'm not going to make it perfect okay so this is the first part of our conversation with Jared let up. Dana and Jason I've got. Chaired online hey Jared but now they are you there aren't any at least calling in Jerry is my absolute torture thanks for having me I'm really glad that you. Called in today though because. Can we have an honest conversation about something we I think I have to get out of the way. Well hold on there right at the incidents that that the. Well I mean I'm gonna ask you and you can just. Be silent. Or I mean do you guys you guys can have an honest conversation I'm not committing to that. Okay I've been brought it or don't do anything you're not comfortable at so there's a rumor and I know we've haven't even gotten to the new album that's coming out. April 6. Buy it there are people saying that this is the last adverse thirty seconds to Mars album. So now you talk. It by turner yeah it is your turn I cannot confirm or deny that not mean look we do more on that without crushed by a years gorgeous trying to wrap our heads around. They're getting through all of that deadline that everything that's happening right now an incredible time it's really exciting we just I literally finished album a couple of weeks ago I kid you not handling and did under the Italy right now Munro oh I'm literally sitting. With a guy in my my hotel room going over the night and billboards and outlaw are work the out campaign so not really thinking too far ahead except like who how to wage it. They float eat breathe and enough itself. Any word the last Alba model I would. I would think that I would want people to know that in advance like this is the finale so enjoy enjoy it but. Yeah me neither has been ordered you'd change your borrowing that you're a hypocrite but life for her name calling didn't name calling. The main call. So like I'm thinking about that too that it's been five years since the last thirty seconds to Mars album. Out 'cause I know you do so much of the writing I don't even know if it's. Is it all of the writing for the album or are most of you know back then so what would you say over the last five years has been the biggest thing. That has basically inspired your writing or what you would say like this teams that are reflected in the album. I mean that's a really great question. The answer there is a probably what's happening and not just America but what's happening in the world but I knew that would let it get the questions that are being generally yeah. Out there were kind of people do we want to be looked at the world do we wanna live says good that the country do we want to build or we want our future QB. You know a lot of big important questions that's an interesting time to be an article and to be working this fertile ground there. A lot think about. Okay 'cause I'm just thinking about dangerous tonight. And at what was it that was going on in your life that made you write that. Well you know this dog is really out of America if America were. Bad and what that it's good the cultural relationship. You know and and and one way it works it's just. Song about love. Should America I was so wrong girl I was sitting there analyzing Jared life though there and it's like it very adamant about America had asked for that hair didn't want and with a dangerous night a lot of people are saying you know this is a different sound for the band and we've been following thirty seconds to Mars since the beginning what kind of made you make this shift in the sounds. I guess you just grow you change you know in funny sometimes New York on a song for a couple of years and then you play at Dover at three Bennett I think every time you write a song via an opportunity here explore new character to say something new it. I guess we took full advantage of that with itself. They have very different very modern and very much in the here now at what really really happy with it it happy you can be captured or working on songs for so long yes. But I am excited to come through town that you guys there's an endowment play music and I hope you both come out to the show if you have time yes. And apple and say hello would love to view it. And the other. No more stoked about it we're really happy you're making a point to be in San Diego though this is part of one of the compensates. Oh would you rate. Howell the professional I did you you you outline the college. Yeah ultimately. I was being someone else yet. I wasn't being me you were being new music discovery researcher I was BA. Super alternative morning show host Dana school. I it was just on a jury and let those super cash about thirty seconds to Mars coming up next they think of dinner and how old Jared but I'll respond when Jason Britain that. Find out next on all money far and I'd. Not like at a B rock song but it still has that kind of an authentic feeling you know it's got a lot of eyes and artillery at. That's Jared let go from thirty seconds to Mars talking a bowel walk on water that you just heard it's on all 949 San Diego's alternative. And we had a conversation with him this morning did and held it together our area did that crush on him at all no I tried to act like super normal I tried honestly. I put everything I feel aside and try to represent the radio station. And I don't know that I did it the bat. I just and that doing a better than who I really am gut. This is like an Alter ego Barrett as. Nabbing normal. Being normal and time again about his album which he was very specifically before week. Had him call and they were like she only wants to talk about the Muzak and that album. So I've taken off the rails so then yes then you really obeyed that doesn't this is him talking about the album comes out mock April sex. I think it's gonna surprise a lot of people we a couple of guests. Thought that album that hurts. Really terrific but we're I didn't really it's really it's a break from the no I think just I great next chapter for thirty victims belonged. Now Jared what do you order at Taco Bell what. What kind of a transition was that there was that great honor. Police if it by if I'm forced to eat at Taco Bell tower or not might not and I will. But the Obama which is basically it means yet a big flat court chip. And Trojan. Dead let it and I guess I made it. No you see when you see it that you make it sound so delicious and here and today I appreciate that I put so much. Del Fuego of that sucker I think I can elevate the debate. Well I can't basic thing. I mean much about it up by its start me I had been cured many days in the past. Missed a block that out of them are potent smell administrator. That is so funny because you're like really in shape and that you have for like movie roles really kind of changed her physique so I always wonder like when you gained all that weight. What did you actually eat eight what are their Pete the talk dirty to me. Pete. As he. And French Fries and I agree I mean we all know what you eat if you wanna get fat. They you know we really you know that some that we all don't. Up and it work. I just put it out there and I fell in love with you just now because that's my love playing which is. Bad that nasty thing you were hoping Obi talk about. I don't like the love what I what I don't eat cheese anymore go to a bit and got that third having get a the large domino yeah. That these that this is like fifteen years ago. Regular large Domino's Pizza. Boy Alice Pineiro who behind a couple of guys like concert saw. Actor Jeter yeah armed Sempra. I just want you know I'll I. Five times during that sentence a thank you sir. So. Our cricket media helped him but I'm here yeah I even have a trio but I mean I don't feel like there's anything more ads about congress and our guy that's the high end Jared let out thank you so much for taking the time from Italy calling and we really appreciate it we queuing deceit in San Diego. Absolutely we love you guys we thank you and we appreciate everything playing the song it's. Means a lot through them. I really do hope the book is about the show it. I'm back to date they hello it yet time and they've really got to see in person. Thank you so much we'll talk to you soon forget about that was like a B minus what would that be buying your performance no less than I was the wolf for who professional Dana or refer who I really do you really are. Oh yeah no it was like and I failed and Sawyer okay. America all I wanted to talk about with my feelings are that glad that he was like the ultimate crush of my light fat. From adolescent years. And that the one that I've held on to help but I just got through that like it GE perfect. I felt good about myself good you don't know you guys not meeting me via moved in a while maybe next time when we meet him probably not good.