Dana & Jayson - Indie Jam Artist Exposed: lovelytheband

Thursday, September 13th

​The glow that just won't go, thanks to our amazing listener family, Indie Jam 2018 was a huge, sold-out success. All this week, Dana & Jayson have been taking deep dives into their interviews with the bands who took the stage in Oceanside, so check out another edition of Indie Jam Artist Exposed with the very down-to-earth guys from lovelytheband. They guys told us about their first chance meeting, and the coolest side-effects of their unexpected and rapid rise to success.

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All money for nine San Diego's alternative where Dana and Jason and it's hard to believe that Indy jam artist lovely the band has only been together for the last two years and their first single ever went to number one on the alt sharp for nine weeks jury and right before they went on stage this past Saturday in Oceanside hey Jason I get to sit down with them and it not only talk about how surreal this Asher has been. But also. About the very unique way they're band was formed. Thank you super great sold out date Oceanside Portuguese. Interviews at Indy Jim artist exposed CNN's Jason sits down at love when the ban on all but not before nine. Can you confirm rumors make Jeanne Jordan that you did meet jointly at a bar yes confirmed. Then. So then you decided that night organ of form a band or now which I confirmed that the day after eating wings at a Dave and buster's. Stop at the data out of the north over. A so when you woke up in the morning did you have to sort through the pieces of the drunken conversation. I when they agreed to divide musically. You guys have had such huge past year while lose you'll that for my second summer fans joint. I don't know if you could pick one thing but was there something that was the most surreal moment for you in the past year I mean all of its been. Pretty surreal like you know there's a lot a lot of full circle moments blame these shows like this. Other vessels of the meeting bands we listened to and sorry and then being monetary like probably banned and like Alec event it's we just played. Bomb or shoot and snowy switches agent Phoenix and Blondie and what is ridiculous. A ridiculously. I our terms like next order of Phoenix and then on Monday night the two trains. Thank you for making in June 2018. So amazing to. GM is exposed with it's it's not at all times.