Dana & Jayson - Indie Jam Artist Exposed: Bishop Briggs

Tuesday, September 11th

​Believe it or not, Jayson took enough time out of fan-girling out over Bishop Briggs at Indie Jam last Saturday, that Dana actually had the chance to ask some deep questions. To give you a little more info about one of the artists you sold out the Oceanside Pier Amphitheater to see, Dana & Jayson are taking a deep dive into one of their favorite interviews of the weekend. What was Bishop listening to on her way to the venue that relates to her world view? Check it and find out.

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It got so real and so personal. Were Dynegy send all 949 San Diego's alternative they shivered as just one of those artists that we'll just go there if you ask her something very personal. She is willing to just go there and expose it a so we had a really great conversation with her prior to our performance this past Saturday the full interview is up at all my 49 radio dot com but we wanted to get to the moment where she talked about the hardest lesson that she's learned over the last year. Think you heard great sold out date Oceanside we're taking you inside interviews that you need to give an artist exposed data and Jason sat down with big. Bricks on all its not important I. These past two years they have been. Absurd so as far as lesson with and that it would just be Knoll your worth and have standards because my own or the pay as you find yourself in these situations. Where you're on the dash. You know and it's because you know you're putting your worthiness as the lowest thing to prioritize you know when it's actually the thing that gives you longevity as a human being and. So that was the biggest lesson and we know that the theme that you decided on for yourself this year is the year of transparency. You've been transparent about your relationship with land and from sir sly. I've actually learned so much from him he is so direct. I was I don't know I kind of always had pride in myself that I felt like I always focused on being myself and being genuine but being transparent is vastly different from being Jen and he's. You can meet you know that I hope rescued both and yeah. I'm my way here and I've just mainly due to. Earlier. They say like with relationships that. You know they really are a mere here so they can be hard because they show you know your insecurities are the things you don't like yourself reaping the New York on they also show that and you know hopefully. It it was interesting when I started dating him I a felt as though we were trying to each other because we both had the same philosophy of like this is nestled thing where it's like you do music has its yourself but when I started. Really listening to his music and really seeing him in interviews I was like. Him I need to take a pause and think. Am I being as honest as they could be like the thought of me sitting here being like. All you know I didn't know my words. You really bad situations such a theme this year I I would never ask that I would've been like Thailand you know whether right here is onstage. And well liked and I evening Jenny then that's a true thing. But it. You really be transparent. To him. Thank you for making it easier 118 so amazing this is. This takes the list with. 49 cents.