Dana & Jayson - I Do

Monday, April 16th

Jayson had a very special announcement, and a very special request for Dana this morning on the Dana & Jayson radio program. His wedding is around the corner, and even though most of the preparations have been made, there is at least one more arrangement that needs to be made. We were joined by a very special guest this morning in the Alt 949 studios, with a very special proposal. 


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Jason left the building about three minutes ago because he said he has some sort of surprised he wants to do on the air. And I see the elevator opening. And he is exiting. Lola and there is real surprised because Jason's fiance. It Jared is now exiting the elevator and walking towards us sticking Allah. Okay. For days. Hot yet. We thought it was going to be one of Jason's broken down surprises. Now I look at he's surprising me and the death you always say if something is really important I just throw it out and I waif that so I felt like I can get the purse then. Do you love the most to tell you it's really important information and so Jarrett skip to tell me something yes at this time my fiance is going to tell you okay come on over to the Mike. So we Rhode we were. At the park this last weekend the guessing our wedding as are getting married I had no idea Jason never. It's. So we were discussing all of the special people that are going to be there and how overwhelmed are going to be an emotional. And back got us thinking about how special you are. And our lives and how much of an impact you've under Jason and meaningful Hank. And so we would like to ask you if you advice to you with. Walk with us down the dial and a part of the ceremony. Jason boy you why a trio might well OK let's say yeah well because you block out what I'm thing. Well. It gets with this terror. It's going to be steady next to him. And Ellis play Q is flooded like mice this thirties like one of the most important people in my life as an epic fifth. He could have come a steady next them I would want someone to be thin next to me who's been there are. For Arthur at all and in so we were talking about ahead we were just going like it's the coarse Dana. And so will year off I know and hinted at this for many a year will you this is the official. Wedding require. You're downwind and an effective but I birdied a ballot there back. As you would basically stand with me on my side at our the altar if you. On we would be very own. Yeah the truth is. I got us you might as I'm not only will lighten up. Okay you're. Yeah I think you're definitely gonna have to go to David's Bridal and spend a 150 dollars an ugly dress you've got. But I. I don't know I don't have the appropriate words there is. That's okay he has to go begin the gets to go to work you really want to do with yeah yeah. The UN UN his sister will be walking on the IO like together just in the flower boy yeah. Thank you know I think you are telling me they keep her being off thug. I would have asked if you're off them. But I don't have to learn how does yeah right now I'm so. Did you had let's play another thug.