Dana & Jayson - House of Cards

Tuesday, May 30th

The mega hit Netflix political drama is back with a full new season that is just begging to get binged. With so many people talking about the show, Dana & Jayson wondered what 'House of Cards' might sound like to a group of kids who know nothing about Frank Underwood. We listened to their ideas, and asked Jayson and the people of San Diego how many episodes they planned on watching today. Can we have a FOUR day weekend?

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Aren't you do think twice before you say house of cards in front of kids now because of what's not in their minds when they hear adults are you about the fact that season five comes out today on Netflix I mean it's gonna be topic of conversation because. Netflix does that they do it binge ready and all episodes that wants you could wash teacher around pays. Walt we're going to be talking about it totally excited but this is what's going on in the mind of kids of San Diego L when they hear us talking about house of cards what do you think the show house of cards at the battle. Cox. And maybe passed the house that kind. Women. Seem. Me fighting in the fighting. And I didn't like yeah. What do you think would happen and in this show house of cards he would build your house available in any school chorus. Has and scary. It would hurt me we have been hanging. Think he is shameful attack cards out of his hat windowless inclined can this happen before and I I took to get. It's been that guy that benefits do you think would star in this fill out cards Bob Dylan there. Parents that well you girls and younger brothers'. Car and it's. The bad guys and I guess he kind of. And I cannot and iron. And they are partners can finally be sure who only need com. Because it's kind of like me in the room and Bryant can't use any reasons to check it weren't sure when it's tall. Yeah I backpack. I'm not a big daddy can't come back and I hear me. And remember that this. Do you think house of cards would be a good show to watch or bachelor to watch. And when it's down to what do you think would you watch a show called house of cards there with on today. Well I do like stationed there. And yeah. Yeah. Bags checked you're in doubt take an ankle feeling he would like kids out there I think I deadline at all. I promise you right now I would be in to watch all of the OSHA and they talk. About a special moment lots of them. The question is how hardly benched. It's not whether or not you're going to vintage house of cards season five is out at you could have an all right now you could skip the day abort you can make it an extra long long weekends. And just start now I know I'm not gonna see Jason Denton means taco Tuesday and we have tradition but certain things supersede tradition preach as an adjacent FM 94 and I San Diego's alternative how much will you binge. Today on house of cards I what are you have an answer to how many episodes is too many episodes in one sitting at 6195701949. Is that in your plans for today may not because it's so nice here. Maybe people will leave their case. No because the thing is that everyone here has gotten used to the nice weather event I mean they had a nice long weekend didn't know it's just sitting on the couch and watching nonstop house of cards right after another and skipping that intra thinks that Netflix update think Q. So okay beat on sales to be honest. I'm afraid of the day sir perfect so you're at that's in your plans today you already canceled dinner plans that may normally nothing at par ties between you and doc a to use at bat and out your house with your three little girls. But sometimes. The feet of America and the president's team does come over that. How many episodes d.s they guilty today I'm going to do. Ask you a question today turning more clarification at her. Does that watching the last episode from the last season counts ads bin that play and you DM yes so IE it's been almost like what a year or so since the last seasons I need to remind myself a refresher you well of what happened where we ended and so I will start with the last episode this season for and then probably go into like five episodes. Yes the Dow's six total as the plant made it happen. That it intended they have actually and depending on the wind flow I -- exactly they'll wind blow really dictates because I always get my second wind that's I think on the more extreme ends he thinks seven don't look at me and with a straight face and ask me that question the I was thinking because salve van. People and get up later than we did we have to wake up at 3 AM. It's easy they're gonna go even further the further than me because they just into the wee hours exactly midnight 1 o'clock in the morning you know that kind of thing 6195701949. What are your binge watching plans for house of cards today how hard Egan head it is the true question. I'm gonna smack I wanna smack hit so hard. A cable let me say this because it is taco Tuesday. Oh and since you may not be able to meet up with your friends her tacos because of your binge for our callers this morning discussing the house of cards bends we're gonna kill the tacos from rubio seat could eat at all. We're going to enable your baby. Acquitted Taco Bell at your house courtesy of rubio was six on nine by 701949. I guess I can ask them if they'll provide them for you to go thank you though are all just come over and bring you. I'm not that. The question is how hard Lee Dow sees inside of house of cards out right now. And Netflix decided to give its use of the U consume Mets all at once. As much as you wanna consume or as much as you can consume the challenges out there. As the question is how much will you do today. At 6195701949. Jason's gonna become a shot in Europe pretty committed to at least seven episodes today today browser guards were dated Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative and thanks reference there rubio has by the way. They're providing a taco binge for our listeners. While you're doing your house of cards bench will give its on our callers this morning hey shake your morning from lakeside. Oh okay so is binging and your plans for today. The day nobody made very near future they're. OK so you can't make it work for today is that upsetting T ill. You know I am. The card that way it went in only sibling is moving a lot he's been a very important baby about it and equipment and that that. Are you going to be thinking about house of cards as you say goodbye be honest. Yeah hello. Little bit but that's pretty the Atlantic that bear. Only sisters Smith Steris my whole entire family and later a low income in the from out of town and they're like Davis celebration and a graduation or something about our campy fathers and I do once you know right now Kevin Spacey has my heart's. There are very dedicated data. AR IQ I like to are so sick when you go hard how hard do you go with the binge. I died right away your baby out anyway yeah that the but it ended a botched it on me quite well. Like I can bail me out and. Do you fight the sleep off or when you really get tired you kind of surrender. I don't know I don't know I I will stay awake I don't hardly. I looked in late night that I like the big the Harlem. So could you see yourself getting through a whole season in one net Saturday. No I lacked there he is quiet few days but Mike is likely be without neglecting LA got a. I mean how do they cave man usage do you children didn't they just allow them to go off in the wild with sticks and at this survive they were worthy enough to let of. This. You yeah. One dollar and some say are you planning to give it shooting is three days until you're done within or what. I encourage they'd. Three maybe I need it at a weekend day at Eric I get in here. C'mon. Facebook's status based on winter is tweets. Cash and situations there everywhere. You have to beat the spoilers. Now she's gonna be thinking about policies try to say goodbye to recessed. Stay hangover to get your information that say we can provide you of that taco binge for your binge. At about the thank you yet the red.