Dana & Jayson - Home Pun Derby: The Beatles Edition

Friday, September 14th

​Sometimes a story is too weird to talk about, but too weird not to talk about. Unless you've been living under a weird rock for the last week, you've probably heard about the GQ article in which Sir Paul McCartney confirmed some self-gratification sessions with John Lennon and his friends. Gross. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves, so cue Dana & Jayson's Home Pun Derby courtesy of Producer Jack. Remember, ****, ****, ****.... **** is all you need.

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I change my mine I don't wanna do this story to I don't know I don't even think actually. That. I don't I don't don't come to wrong why don't you feel comfortable about talking about The Beatles I would about The Beatles the title of the white album all today but I don't really want is I love this story that Paul McCartney over shared in the GQ interview where it does about something very uncomfortable that happened among The Beatles. Like the time they were over John Lennon's house and the lights were out and one of them started doing things. Self. That's they yeah that's that thing in law with apparently a thing for The Beatles. I have nothing more to say about it but there is something that needs to be done. And now it's time on date and Jason's yeah. And. We're gonna knock this one out of the park around now all this gives new insight on the inspiration for come together. Yeah well you match yeah. Of all the this outlets this is an antenna work. Can you imagine a cleaning building irritable that beetle juice. I guess it's safe to say they go with a little help from their friends. After fighting this out I really don't wanna hold your hand to tell you thoroughly washed itself. And is one situation John Lennon would probably be okay if we didn't imagine. And I wonder if they used a Jack in the USSR. Apparently you're a handful of potential album and song names rapid fire yeah. Believed the measles. Not Maxwell's silver splatter now everybody's got something hiding said Meehan my monkey which I'm currently. Joe's worrying because all of the stadiums. What about weakened and how does. Not yet. Start else I wanna leave me with one very iconic uplifting thought okay. Lou Lou Lou. Lou there's all you need a. Here's this hour's business Bambang band aids and hole. Being the. A lot showed me.