Dana & Jayson - Home Ownership: A Public Service Announcement

Tuesday, September 18th

​If you've scanned home prices in San Diego, this story won't be a major surprise. A recent National study suggests that San Diego is the most expensive metropolitan city to purchase a home, with potential buyers needing to bank over $100,000 a year to afford it. Since we know most of you probably aren't pulling that down at your trendy barista job, Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack has put together a trio of tips to help make your home-owning dream a home-owning reality. 

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All Leni four and I and San Diego's alternative we're Damon Jason 131000. Dollars a year. Is what you need to mate in order to be able to afford a home oh sending ouch that's not news I of them wanted to share but it's. Came out and it's I mean it's the fact that we we're just named the most expensive metropolitan city to own a home in the United States. It's really beautiful out there though. Donna I think it's so funny look at this and whether we're experiencing. Lucky for us on producer Jack you look. We really put some time and thought into this US some creative tips so that we can all stop grunting and move towards owning our future. Hey there mr. or mrs. sandy I begin. Since it turns out you need to be all into afford a home in America's finest city. We've put together a trio of tips to help make your home owning dream of home owning reality yeah. Number yeah the couch surf. To save some cash for that massive down payment yeah parents who makes that overpriced lease compile a list of friends that oh you whine all you belongings and one of those cocoa sacks and get saving loser. Sure Zack smells a little funny and is what seat might have a few plot she stains on it but so does your credit and beggars can't teach users just. Number do. You embrace a life of crime in the believe it or not that part time job as a smarmy brewery stuff isn't going to push him into the right income bracket seriously. So why not log off before and I didn't try doing it and have a little organized and all flurry can't refuse. It's just between us we got a tip that a truck loaded with a shipment of pump almost LeCroy is making its way through a missile later this week. And will let you take it from there stick a mob to number three. Most of Pittsburg. Yeah. You'll be living the high life and Pittsburg. You might freezer burn your are off most of the years since it's the most affordable metropolitan city at least your pocketbook will be I. I just I can't do this Pittsburgh. Seriously Pittsburgh and out there you have it with this too. Or maybe at most two when a I have handy tips you'll be on your way across the threshold of homeownership in no time hi honey I'm home guys seriously who writes that. Pittsburgh grief and kidding me oh pinch. I play you're gonna have some good creative idea is that hitting just maybe not that helpful. We feel defeated I believe in worse regional and in Pittsburgh.