Dana & Jayson - Hashtag Parent Takeover: Maddi's Worst Nightmare

Thursday, December 5th

And now, Dana & Jayson present a child's worst nightmare in the digital reality of 2019. In case you missed it, when Larry Sumpter, a Texas dad, learned his 15-year-old daughter had stepped out of line and snuck a group of boys into what was supposed to be a girls only sleepover, he enacted a punishment straight out of any teen's nightmares. Instead of withholding her allowance, or making her do extra chores, Larry gave his daughter a choice: Go one month without access to her cell phone, or go two weeks without a cell phone while allowing Dad to take over her social media. In hindsight, we're pretty sure Larry's daughter Maddi wishes she had picked the first option. What's the worst that could happen when a southern dad takes the reins of a teen's social media accounts? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.