Dana & Jayson - Hang 'Em Up

Monday, September 17th

The NFL story du jour this Commercial Free Monday is how Bills cornerback Vontae Davis called it quits during halftime of Sunday's game against the Chargers. Players get injured all the time and don't end up making it through the final whistle, but what made this story so intriguing is that Vontae didn't just hang them up for the day, he hung them up for his career. With the Bills getting thrashed by the Bolts, and Buffalo already being one of the worst teams in the league, players are now retiring mid-game. Wow. Since Dana & Jayson figured he wasn't alone in cutting himself from the team, we hit the phones to let you share your stories of walking out on Alt 949.

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All money for and I miss San Diego's alternative on this commercial free Monday one day you're there at work. And you said to yourself I shouldn't be here anymore and that's the David to quit I don't know if this is ever happened to you but in an NFL firsts. A guy named Vontae Davis. Cornerback for the Buffalo Bills he retired halfway through the game yesterday against the chargers the Buffalo Bills were down by 22 at halftime and in the locker room this guy Vontae had an epiphany. No he said I don't belong out there anymore. And that he just privately went to the coach and told him that he wouldn't be returning. The Fed's. He. Went off the data and endeavor are about her literate he went and he hung up his career in the middle of the game move. That's not a very grand scale because it is you know I was in the middle of an NFL game on a Sunday Cano bigs just not gonna be there for the future. But I believe that sentiment is something that a lot of people can identify with and I'm wondering. If you have a story. Where you have just said in the middle of a shift or the middle of the work day. This job is breaking me and I don't belong here anymore. And a hug it out there that day at 6195701. Time for writing you can be anonymous note I do have a price for the past one vote away yes. With a pair of tickets to the streams on at the Del Mar scare grounds that he would like to experience the house of horrors haunted hay ride car needs all here. We have a pair of tickets that it's excellent I'm 5701949. I hung up my Jersey wants. Do you hung up your juror saying I'm OK I didn't know that. I was really pour backing college event had no money for gay you don't have any money so I would do a lot of sight gags and one of them blood. The dead graveyard shift at our local hospital. Where I would take people's insurance information and in the emergency room. Because people at the emergency room overnight are really excited I want somebody relates not exactly how were you guys. If you did that. For a weekend they trained me for three mugs. I've bed oh god and you know and as I write a graveyard shift I was like. Keep it didn't. At a level not so bad bags a day during the day I called left a voice well. Hey guys that I came ahead a key that led by Maya I had an idea I never returned did you give them a reason or did you black out as you are talking and really not know is that really the message as I can't that I gay and blamed it on that might like mental health saw your your anxiety got after a I bet it's not get right well BA. That's all so I would pick your own insurance information and into the I had all the but would it meant to be a college musical of the time I need I was playing priest ever thought that it. Really light up when bush. I talk. It increased numbers. All I love that it's got the equipment for the good fighter who invited but I'll be honest you would be horrible at that job I want more people. Has your so rad Aaliyah nerve vessel and especially when people are coming at you being very intense and someone's crying or an inadvertent these date someone came and moon did and they were leading there they were just looking happy and I haven't got my chair and told my coworker you've got that's. And the word. At six I'm 570194. And I'd teach you have a moment where you said I can't do this anymore I I need to leave right now I don't care for in the middle of the game on of NFL football I. Watch it. I'm not returning his teammates are saying it was disrespectful and stuff like that but he just said hey I'm not feeling it this isn't the best thing for my life and my family and I don't wanna do this anymore and I realize that right now in this moment and if he wasn't feeling that we can probably understand why you weren't feeling your shifted panda express. I don't know about. To aim at the time you retired at halftime. Just like Vontae Davis he used to play for the Buffalo Bills he played for the Buffalo Bills yesterday but then midway through the game against the chargers he said. No more for me friend's sofa. Out literally at half time it's so great he hung up his career. She couldn't even make it through the rest of the game penny granite they were down by like 22 points but the bottom line is she just said. I don't want this anymore and I realized while I was out there on the field you're a cornerback. For the Buffalo Bills and he just retired it's an NFL first retired halfway through the game former cornerback for former of them that's right and maybe you had that moment where you just said. I should be out there anymore coach ticket myself. Kelsey get mourning for small Bruck. No idea our aggression star and pilot isn't bad bakery manager of the new tentative early. Who really rich is that a lot of crappy thing to people about one day delightful dinner then it would belittling me and thing about it crap man like. Well and I quit and I have blacked out and I told ever we're that are gonna go on exploring his drunken afternoon on the Dominica it. Yeah. Like look she. I've yet so. I did a great dad and I knew I count culinary. Oh and bing is. And I can't wait it out. I like it's also pureed I'm good to get lately so I've heard that yeah. They're going to rid X so violently I would go out there aren't. Later plants. We had no question is did anyone follow you or did you go buy yourself another and it came around their lunches and be able Ehrlich and we're there yet I'm like probably picking it when people there a thank Jerry McGuire yeah. Where. Hey anonymous friend you there yeah oh anonymous friends you quit during halftime basically there are at it would like my dream dropped little. Show me your horrible and here's what's the type of industry anonymous friend veterinary long but could I industry go under on yes. Critic they would regret often and my pop art is not married and how welcome welcome to part time. So I decided I would don't get. People started walking out without paying it says people on the backward say they are aren't doing nothing while I was working and I. I've gotten. And I got up and I clocked out an eyewitness about and I got my stuff and I thought a lot of cabinet and I. While everybody in the pot you watch hmm I thought about it happens without it oh wait I'll. All love now let's let's go back back up to these dudes say steal a capped a oh like. May page well. Bull was it that made jus say and then taking that tack this is the ultimate Jerry Maguire what is. I'd really and it doesn't get it up plant it's like the fat guy. Hey Jerry Maguire took the finish all the heat took offense should so no blizzard that made you say I'm going to take this caps. Well you don't like my buddy and they captured walked in the cage all day and I would figure out you know my brakes inflating the rhetoric that are not there but it's better and they elevated our dark well. How. And why now. Use your cat got no argument I have to answer that. So intimate I am again back. Didn't he wouldn't like. Try and stop you from taking the cat Orton went sub Jerry Maguire predicting it sure everybody just stood back in all. These bishop manners. These fish. A power naps. Fact they're coming with me I'm starting a new company. And the fish come with me so you can put. Call me but that's sentimental called. The fish. They're coming with me if.