Dana & Jayson - Hail to the Cheats

Friday, January 19th

Just because the President got a perfect 30 out of 30 doesn't mean Dana & Jayson would follow suit. What would be the result when D&J were put to the test? Listen to find out!


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Donald Trump has had to be president. That. According to the mocha paths I don't know if you heard about best. But Donald Trump ticket test and this coming all presidents have to deal and it's administered by a navy doctor and then the results are shared with the public and he got a thirty at a thirty perfect score situation. Now on senate concerning ourselves with all that nonsense. We decided to make up a game based on the smoke a test Jason and I actually each took the exact same tests that Donald Trump did so while on so this morning bored doing the Dane NG some presidential face off and if you wanna get in 96195701949. You get to choose your prize if you're a winner this morning we have a four -- to get to WW live wrote to wrestle mania we've got Jack White tickets per show on August and we MG MT ticket so your choice at 619 by 701949. Going down that's there all you have to do is predict who you believe is more suited to be president I. I myself RJ that. The tiny guy and we have a little evidence to help you make your decision and so when you guys were taken a test I was recording a little audio and I put together a montage OK so people can hear how we were doing when that 619 by 701949. It's pick your prize this morning in the ultimate David Jason presidential face off. It's the ultimate Dane and jays send him presidential face off the question is who really is more fit to be president myself or is it Jason and Donald Trump got a thirty out of thirty on the smoke attesting that they make all presidents take it's administered by a navy doctor and producer Jacqui you gave us the smoke it tests. Yeah the test is a bunch of different things is some of the this facial meaning a little memory some attention and language abstraction. Recall blah blah all or just fine idea idea. While we said OK I. Let's see how we do on that task who's going to do better this morning you just need to make that prediction and if you're correct you get to choose your prize this morning no producer Jack has the results of bolt of our tests and he's holding them secret he cresting the morning permission valley. So this morning into the ultimate presidential face off you just have to determine whether or not you believe I Dana or Jason is more fit to be president. Producer Jack you have some evidence to help Christen maker decision a little montage OK so this is some audio of Jason nights taking that presidential test OK. Okay let's start with CNET taking the -- test are right now reduce some cereal subtraction on my gosh this is a headache that's nice he's very correct. So it's a track seven from hour to. Eight knee. Six corrects. A lighter note forward order was signed Fred fouled firsts should not know elf. Flutes. Four are now we're doing delayed recall you know those words I read your earlier. OK given back to me face correct velvet caress church daisy red those are all correct and oh yeah. Sixty theory that's interactive sound sank 516 but. But I only had four points and I. And again I know where I am. Apparently. I is that it was a valid than there well I. RE Christian but you know what we need to move on to Jason and highlights from him taking the presidential contest so today. Val lit correct church correct. 20 now you're Iran. 47 that's incorrect it was 247. The way you get way you act like that EV. Eighties. Six. Correct minus seven. Old glory 79. Correct my concern that any still wracked my understanding how my god I'm glad seek 65. Full one foods to. Do you agree faster for film I've frothy screen looks a bit. They'll alert eleven daycare with some. You know those words or give your earlier no true. Given back to me church velvet and order in order earlier is in order to me nicely and I don't know flower mound now. Who's embarrassed they really who's a matters and it. I have to admit that they see Chris that when I learned in kindergarten they thought they had a mental learning disabilities and mental want an idea how he did have an. What what's reassessment currently. A ticket so at this time you have the evidenced Preston and if you have ever listen to our show you also of that management's. So Chris said at this time will you please make your prediction. Of who's more fit to be president myself day now or is it Jay said. I mean I don't know I won't lose then yeah. It can't work quick got every answer. Thank you quick I was not crank click on my feet. In this case. Slow and steady won their. It. Is more fit could be present happy and we are down low hook that president at two votes at all. At all and now we're 00 though it was twenty in the final score 26 to 22 I would be a good vice president. We know we're this saddest part of all this is Donald some. More good to be president and bulk. So solid that. Do you acrobat for Chris and having to endure all of this the Kristin can we still hook you up with that have a prize. Yes that would be up there you are tired of prizes OK hang on once again.