Dana & Jayson - Grunge Musical

Tuesday, July 11th

Dana & Jayson love music from the 90s (especially Dana) but when we heard there is a musical in the works that will feature a ton of grunge songs, we weren't sure what to think. Rather than wait until opening night, Jayson put his musical theater experience to work to give us a preview of what we can expect and it's... something. Take a listen and then get your tickets now.

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A musical about the ninety's grunge era is in the works is dating Jason FM 949 San Diego's all turned and I think is a bad idea it's gonna features songs from the Ara ninety's grunge era. And it's gonna be a story a fictional story about a young grungy musician and a rival who may have murdered them. Does a plot points we. Have soap bar. Up up up up the butt of chorus when Jason and I discussed SS crew that's super pumped about it. IA less than my background is the musical theater graduated from the NYU school of theater and a half a plethora a musical theater friends so let's not wait years upon years to see what it's musical could be like let's just try it out right now envision that the musical theater version of your favorite nineties grunge songs performed on stage let's speak gad and with a personal they read creep by Radiohead. I am the very. What is. Not a. That says not what you might be expecting a more Radiohead is probably hearing this they gained as though rock band didn't do enough damage to create. Now says that the case to find you did like the radio had. But what about some Pearl Jam at a musical theater version add that you might year ended brand new and nineties grudge musical that's being created ad. Derby. These low key he. He'd come. And still I. We'll put. That has decided that banana and now fueled this again I am reevaluation and I hope Eddie better and home. I hope he's not understanding ignoring it and get a bit better just like hey guys in the mood for a little alternative music elites are not left 98 or nine and then back comes out of his featured. And as you'd be honored to have the ability though pot of Blu-ray can all pay the duration to Jeremy by program okay fine let's go to the hits then of nineties grow as allowing you one more of these bad American Idol audition I'm fine with that. How about some nerve Von performs like it might pee on this stage in the brand new and nineties grudge musical coming to Broadway near yo whiz some high it's. It's just you sure yeah this year we are now. And not just. A classic re mix on a class act with a cup of ethnic. About act your big Nirvana bad smells like teen spirit did it hit that ninety's grunge dirty detail that I think this is a good it is segment that we're doing because. This gives the alternative artist the opportunity to opt out of their news via an. I hoped for it actually haven't.