Dana & Jayson - Give Me A Minute!

Tuesday, August 7th

​This morning on San Diego's Alternative, Dana & Jayson premiered a brand new game: Give Me A Minute. The rules are simple. We put a minute on the clock, we throw a bunch of softball questions at you, and if with Jayson's help you can rack up ten correct answers in :60, you win. Pretty simple, but pretty terrifying, especially when tickets to see Weezer and the Pixies are on the line. One more way we invite you to #jointhefamily this morning on Alt 949.

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The clock is ticking the pressure's on. Work plan. I don't like that yeah. If I am you love one minute. Tulane next tickets to see Weezer and the pix he's for the Saturday at the matches from amphitheater. We're gonna fire off questions with a clock ticking the game is over when you get ten questions right. And Jason is your teammate your reliable friend. Huh. I. We got caller fourteen on the line is this strife from now crafts that are high strike a more leg at Lauren okay this is our first ever time playing this game so welcome to the debut friends. But. RA. I feel like you're less nervous than Jason to see Jake. Apparel and Troy I just want to know. That Oreo. I. Once those Weezer take. It okay so great out Charest were gonna begin the clock is going to be taking sixty seconds you can pass on questions. Or you could throw to Jason just say to say she said if you need help so we don't waste time OK definitely a little strategy and Jason are you don't. Well I don't know how did they perhaps I power. Yeah that's a good system a cat and when you hear the buzzer time is up but we got that says. They are at it purely go Farrell is the title given to the rulers of what's ancient country. Yet correct what's Italian city is famous for its leaning tower. Asked what is the name of the toy cowboy in the movie Toy Story. Witty correct. Complete eighties song Lira can doctor doctor give me the news that got a blank. Our. Order dedicated. That pass at. I don't on the farm a kid is what kind of baby animal. Ago correct what's English king had six wives. And they ate well I. Edwards and we are incorrect pictures yeah a little oh pretty good yeah. Look fashion accessory does Brad Flynn somewhere around his neck. I've been able to interact. The ball wasn't Google it but don't shoot. A bargain don't look sweet food is made by deed easy bit nectar from flowers that. Should he name of the school that Harry Potter attendant aren't going to. You're also cited the natural habitat of the cool all of America I. Grew. Love. The. Not color in the right now are you. Should. In the nursery rhyme whose sound the law before having a great fall. Or an outcome that of the yeah sure all the acorn grows on the palm trains. Calls. Or yeah. I am why am I might. I don't know what allotment of gradually they're going to be Weezer. Like it I don't I don't work RT I came again I don't know Jihad betrayed that gets them. That was a 1006. Was give me minutes with the dating Jason good all night before nine. And I need a stiff drink. Yeah yeah.