Dana & Jayson - Girl Scout Cookie Beer

Thursday, May 18th

It was a sad morning with the passing of Chris Cornell, but we wanted to try and give you a little distraction from the news, bringing in our own FM 949 beer guru Jeremy to taste test a new Girl Scout Cookie inspired beer. Would it pass the taste test? Listen to find out.

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The girl scout cookie beer is at stake and this morning it was officially tasted and tested so you don't have to wonder how good is it or is it really disgusting. So it's like beer that he's like Girl Scout Cookies and many beer and actually. Think meant to beer as what it's technically called that comes discuss things so there's a Burry in New York that actually just put this out we reached out to them and they shipped asylum. My personal belief was that no guy would proudly say they love girl scout cookie beer guy you know one whatever area. But what if we tricked them into liking the beer so this morning we got the yoga of beer to come into the studio and blindly taste test this girl scout cookie. Sydney the year his name is Jeremy heat host afternoon answered FM 949 and the very popular Friday night rock and roll happy hour where he invites different craft stories from San Diego land at how much would it hurt his credit with the local craft for industry if he likes girl scout cookie beer county that we have to do attempt he's like go lumberjack. Feel like Carol aggregate the air you'll be cute is he done so here that's gonna hurt them fast powered Jeremy enters this duty I'll clean. Line and so Jeremy. We got our hands on a brand new craft beer that just came out this is one of the first samples that they gave out and this morning we are hoping you would try it and tell us from your professional beer you'd opinion whether you like you're telling me you're bringing it beer that I don't know about. Then. I. Trustees and. Do the whole professional thing you'd yeah. So woody smelling that really the most ideal class for this oh how about rats look that seems to be your style at all. And I'm I'm guess I'm getting some some sweet notes on the know whose looks like some sort of Porter stout. No oh my god well. There's chocolate notes in the air okay getting severe hop bitterness on the back and you are so good at that it's scary it's like Rain Man. Different process all the flavors this funky flavor in there I can't identify we just needed though if you like earned prior to entering and again welcome. So now via act now to girl scout cookie beer. That's what the funky flip well they're they're trying to make meant I met. Oh my god. It commands is a brand new beer out on the market it's 10% alcohol that. A very dark frown at the bit at the it was just the opera. A. Creamy and a heavy exotic flavors Pam it's chocolate it's meant but honestly I. I wouldn't do it again Ariza the official beer yell and that some 949 has spoken girl scout cookie be here is us now he tried it so you don't have to amp.