Dana & Jayson - Ghosting

Tuesday, July 11th

​If you're dating in the 2000s you have probably been on one end of ghosting, you know, when you're talking to someone, maybe even dating, and they just vanish without a trace. Dana's friend Christine the MILF joined Dana & Jayson to tell us how she was on the losing end of a ghosting situation. Knowing it happens, we hit the phones to find out if the men (or women) of San Diego could give Christine a little insight or advice. 

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Go sing is something that happens in the dating world weary you're talking to somebody and then all of a sudden they just stopped texting but what does it mean if they. All of a sudden come back they resurface. All of a sudden if they're not hearing from them for like a month they text again if you're in the dating world and you have Andy experience with ghosting either you didn't go sit or you are ghost star. Art coast 619 by 701949. Where Jed and Jason as a nine for nine San Diego's alternative we have a friend of the show she's new to the dating world and she's going through this right now Christina melts what's going on high. You got ghost did to hard hit by somebody you met on match. I did. That was my first experience and it was Libby saying I didn't really know what to make it at all. Great recent divorcee first experience in dating anyone online and each sing you're dating for how long when you got ghost it. Yeah I don't know that I would consider eating I consider. C three months would Google want time like communicating everyday. Attacks sometimes wrong calls and then one guy that appear. Did you go on any dates with them. Yeah I'm out multiple times during that three month period with a birthday item and I tried and I don't know I mean at the end of the day he to disappeared and I remember talking to him on Friday and never hearing from him again. Were you the last one to send a text or what's he. I lies yep I was acts like I know how he normally worked like right in here permit let's say per hour Q I would at least by the in the church something that was about it. Friday at the end of the week I had heard nothing and I story knew that it was over. Can you name it fast Ballard and among those by and then fourth of July weekend at all aside and met a text pops up. Here comes this tax package. On him I had not heard from him for weeks I couldn't believe what I was reading and he beat Swiss and the tax aid howry ill I'd been thinking about you know you're the most amazing woman and mother I ever met in my life and I didn't know what to do you did exactly what it at. I mean how do you respond to I don't even now two decades it is sport weeks later. Bright ads of the big question is what was coasting period about what usually happens in that period what was happening on his sentenced. It's a really good question I mean what he's seeing other people that he finds them and better for four weeks and then realize that need to hear what someone batter in the actor but I won't act. That question I used. No that's why we have to throw this out to people that are in that world. And say at 6195701949. What happens on the and of the person who did did ghosting. I love to Allah or why are you doing Matt in my mind I would like to see if you don't want to talk or communicate anymore jets beat him man about it and think. Right you probably would scare. A cell at six on I'm by 701949. The ghosts the person who just tagged out what is going there what's the thought process is the only way we can get information we're gonna ask the guys or the people that have it and it it's a one and if you've been somebody that's coasted what happens on that and so we get some insight for our recently divorced Christie in the mouth. I would want to hear your sorry won't get some calls okay. Hey Devin yeah. Hey from Oceanside RA have you ever go stead somebody. Unfortunately. Have. All he can pass that and more than. OK give some insight into the mind of a gold star Dirk what happens in your head in this whole situation and. And regarding quarterback Brutus looking and sisters know they've been dating for how along with the show's. Admitted she said like worse see we were seeing each other for three months which doesn't involve a few dates constant texting and hooking up. That's sound like issues. Did you not order for about a month and a and then back on a whole day that sound like you this Laurie geez this and turning up he's certain he's. Parties largely or where they can bomb known or worse. Oh lord. Death and this is really helpful thank you for letting us inside the mind of meant it must've been like a low points. And she was that kick in this mix knee feels so much better for our recent divorcee we out shot the low play ball. No I thought I was. Now have you ever come back around after initially ghosting someone's. I'll yes I. Tomorrow. I'm the rebel relationships did actually last by fortunately you know I'm out there and and ministers where where it. You know mere girl and won't ruin our and one click on some level arm and then one where another and a factor here. So you were given a second chance after ghosting somebody. Yes I'm a few times of the year outrage there or cabinet and assert you know. Only heard pretty much stroke. I hear that the tuition. Now I'm with you sound very like the fact that you have in now fly ache wherewithal to admit that you goes to people that takes encouragement so why I can't do it possible you mean he had enough bravery that that want to call a young enough. Courage anyway now isn't that property you'd have Batman props to you therapy Canada most viewed as well call ahead and admit their wrongdoing. She did Thursday but there it and I mean it's a very for a one out. Horrible it's almost like Devin you're making up for your past does still matter. Why can't I get an answer that outsource. Bigger I'm a murderer. Yeah okay okay okay. Here's a far. Are you need Dina par I have said. I thought you did are you single arm higher and he's not single market perfect. But thank you for not you just brought everything full circle for yourself. So you'll let that do you are you data coupled hail Mary yes and then it is on the guilt that god didn't do. That there. DeVon for colleague that aren't here. Ghosting is a side effect of dating when somebody is texting you nonstop. When you are basically. In light form of our relationship a relationship light but then all of a sudden. They disappear. And you don't hear from them anymore out of no where maybe DL what's going on in the mind of the ghost there at 6195701949. Were Dane and days and I about nine point nine San Diego's alternative it happens to a friend of our show Christine the mouth and she was dating a guy for three months she said seeing him hooking up was involved in a few dates and texting every day all the sudden he tags out one month later he resurfaces. What is the deal with that. Hey spot from your city good morning Acer chicken and what is your thought on ghosting. Or the goat stare. He was a ghost. What was going on in your mind would you decide is just fall off the map. Yeah we met empire and it was that really got back I'm working with me you would on me. In my mind he really let the good. News and I date and current three York. I started realizing that we had a lot as a different perspective and a lot of different opinion than like very big fundamentals that. I need number. I do you kind of a relationship and my mind just went no. You know what I want to what I so was one of those things we didn't feel like the conversation tech and it was required. How awkward it's not like it like well you're great for someone else but honestly I don't think I could be with you for more than thirty minute that that's quite click. Lal. Now thought and in our case Christina Milf are lovely friend of the show notes he was seeing this guy for three months and then he disappeared per month and then came back over the fourth of July weekend do you think she came on a little too strong wind she bought him a birthday president and they cake. Can. Get it to. He'd gotten my daughter. That definitely eight years I think this was just like a thoughtful gift nothing Crea I am thinking human being and every month. And they gonna like it's an entire. He appears it didn't hire equipment Britney or not every day yeah I know I honestly think he may have gotten quote eat. It's looking back without a compliment not a parent but yeah. Now he's coming back around. What would you honestly do in this case if somebody goes to jail and then they came back around do you think there's ever a second chance opportunity there. Actually I was. Both they'd want and that I had the exact same kind of expect it. He did Christina as she sat on the show like well you ask the question to get the answers and you wanna get on the second chance as I think what happened. But I was the guy that you go to meet want a lot of time at what they well we were going pretty serious and it wasn't what I wanted and had a better stayed in my life band that acting talent what you Sam McKee not sign it. But the three drink entry dinner and I. Last I know actually we went on net. Appreciate them and Nico Pitney again. Oh my god I. Well. Lowered yeah you may have heard yeah in we. Alitalia the once you go someone you had everything dolby widget by. I didn't come back after I go. So I'll take you for laying out of socket again now the ending of the cast sperm movie for I know he's not he had a look at where the cat bird actually turns into that hot Little League dad must then and then they lag aired beating judge she kinda wish that Kasper will turn into a real curse than. I know expect that there would enter real repent and be loved the movie he's just not edit your product that. That is the apps and my friend and not the or. Ankiel the nuggets the final I think we've got. I didn't start shall not. Do much about it and coolers.