Dana & Jayson - Gay Wedding Drama 2018 | Alyssa's +1

Tuesday, May 22nd

​If one segment of drama wasn't enough, Dana & Jayson brought you two for Tuesday. Our midday host on Alt 949, Alyssa, is one of the lucky people invited to Jayson's wedding, but there's a twist. When Jayson sent out his invitations, Alyssa's copy DIDN'T include a plus one, but she assumed she was bringing a guest. This morning on Alt 949 with the help from a few members of our listener family, the air was cleared, sort of. 

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It's all money for nine San Diego's alternative word Dana and Jason and now it's time for. Why do you draw lots who. Another addition. Minus two months away from your big day. And it's time the controversy is over the plus one factor and welcoming into the studio this morning she hosts middays on all money for a nine. And he did talk to you about something. A blaze. I episode there's been this ongoing conflict between new NI a that you don't realize and I just need to air something out. At that Europe plus one hell out of out of it you don't have one. Says hill and I. I was just a big Sadr right now and I Amazon gutter ball at the dealt. I know you're very young you're what 24 he is still close to your friends have not gotten married yet cracked yeah I am going to you just assumed that it is just you being night even about weddings but when you get an invitation with just your name and not let's plus the gas on that meeting you oh Lee you gave yourself included. Hole K. You're coming for her like she just walked in innocently to say hi to us and your com main floor let's find is that night you would you just get married you be happy and I'll just I'll deal that's totally Biden. Earlier I again because they're the couple of co workers that are also invited the you can go away at. Hole. I think actually busy I've been trying to figure out B. Right time to tell you this but seemed like now about a dime that I ever. OK so weddings are really expensive and that we really limited ourselves if you get the putts Y and and so it's like people who work in a relationship. At that tie game. So you're telling me that the eight months ago that you set that into cliche in the book club that I could have gotten into your relationship and that eight months and it wouldn't of mattered because that it did it's it's just tune knew what. Yes that is to aptly correct and thank god you are still I think all eight months that I could not be single you would never now. All of you also have to remember that it's certain people that we want and there are so I don't need a stranger who I don't know says. This table she said our salary who say things that are strong culture of all as good as the NN. Forget I wouldn't be able to go around the east people be like oh I have this great memory with the 00 use this trick that you met on tender for high. Jokes on you I haven't had ten journey here. Confrontation is happening live in studio between our mid day host Alyssa and our own Jason. Who just informed her live on the air that she won't be getting up plus one to his wedding although she assumes she is analysts how are you feeling let's check in on our feelings I like I just walked in woke up about 27 minutes ago and I'm feeling Barry attacked well that's very ticket come for you I'm just trying to inform you know does this at all change your desire to attend set event I wasn't kidding when I set I was going to be busy I think I'm getting a cold. Oh. That's because you can't bring boy. You're going to miss out is that I was gonna bring up boy okay love you're gonna bring girl can you just bring your co worker Shannon because you get them applause when he got that break the. Act I think used to say that she doesn't parity have a plus what you about a normal thing that people assume you know they doubt I'm going to go do a phone call because you guys make me feel awkward hi Michelle from LB or her. You don't like Jason. I'm not that. Like don't you just really rude you and a little bit abduction you know. Well what. Well it isn't that sees statements defense that that you like I actually really liked him live as soon to be returned to the box at the. The way he handles that. In return about it trying to act like EPA you know random people or whatever and Pettitte you know her. Because I'm friends with parent but. But ladies are racist friend like that's like I'm friends with her so I know that she's not dating anyone right now and I know that it was going to be complete strangers though lake at the very special day Michelle like at this point I know you better. Then that but what you would for how. And Michelle doesn't like what she doesn't use self I don't think at the ice that the cell an invitation my wedding I believe that she would say aren't speaking oh yeah. Well in doing it is that's my opinion. I completely agree with you that you are rude and I got 100% and the middle child and the knock says and I think that you are correct you're actually making me uncomfortable I'm sure Michelle felt the same way listening you're making me feel like Ellis a confrontation. In which I talked to other leg rights you're going through the same thing right now. And everyone is telling you have to shut it down because we don't shut it down they're going to start bringing plus ones and then all your tape but of our global blog nonsense. Yes. Would you be negative about inviting that haven't already I would think you know like nick that the person for everybody and I would clamor that have to go out and replaced now that can we excuse. He won't be by herself either like she has co workers at lake a lot of our Albany for night family members here at the studio are coming so she's could be at a table full her friends she will be I think it's just like Michelle would you say that it's. Bill wade that he delivered the message. That maybe he could use a spokesperson I should be your spokes are probably the presentation you should call elite hockey on this radio that's finally I would probably agree and there are. Shot I think make all your points about is the. And I agree I'm route I'm the Knox says I'm very difficult to work when I agree with all those statements as well let's Jack you reckon that. Perfect thank you Michelle are bringing those points of let you up. Hi friends here we are but it's awkward in the studio because of a wedding confrontation. And now it's time for. When he can draw on line and. Another addition this morning ordain and Jason all 949 San Diego's alternative our mid day host Celeste size in the studio with us and Jason you decided to tell her on air that she needed to stop assuming that. 300 plus the law into your wedding. People don't assume that they have a plus one and yes they deal I equally if I weddings people of your age DO people of other certain ages who have been to multiple then you're literally like sending your soul of the media wanna keep aging yourself I'm just telling you oh. You don't ever receive you have a possible unless I kind of drug yeah like a people to go by themselves to a wedding you're going to be edit table full of our people. I blog planet exactly how I play and that and I applied for you to have not apply a fly off my download. Finally can we know what my and I taught me that you have to get at least at 75 dollars worth of something for the person off the registry or get cart. For every seat that you have to sell it won't be bringing a class on site only have to get you one seats worth of 75 dollar. But. Six like 9857019. Ford died but. I mean should everybody just be able to add brings someone if they're invited to the wedding is a plus one assumes. And if it is assumed can Elisa please have a private. Boy I common. My heart rate is elevated and I'm sweating and minor obamas like chuck. Aaron good morning from French Open is ski events. You know it it really it can get it went saying it would have in the break room and then Ingraham and do. It's not about anybody. Out. The where you where. Like I need you to come and sit with me always feel like you get a plus what it you're coming to my went out. Yes she's deferring your point but. What do you think about the weather that message was delivered. What that is in. Maybe not so much thought there could could I yeah honestly I think he couldn't even if that was gonna be on air it could've been like a healthy discussion about plus ones. OK but when you're gaining two months away from your wedding it's what did you think you don't mess with somebody in a bio now. Exactly I'll Kobe bright the alarm on you want I'll Wear that come we he gonna say but it's OK okay you know let I know I do tell Eddie my. Yet your delivery ear yeah. I thought I would get it they might what is that the night table manner sped side that night at night table manner. It's not a lot. I already know that I barely know had a speech I agree but then when he comes to who Blake she was a little twist that an election it's up but it lake hey could just say you know you don't get a plus one at a I don't know how. How can we. Have a health leak number I don't got time for all the comforts they said. What I and everybody who was invited the mind I actually refused to have it. Well if you want me to meet your new place I would love me have a bridge I usually I wedding emphatic that the. Until now Aaron do you believe that people if somebody gets a plus one they have to be in lake what married engaged com. How no the wedding party alert or the wedding that's right grimmer burger and I didn't want to meet anybody in my wedding is I cut out so many people because it was played well and it's gonna be too awkward that's her bread. We've got thrown out idiot yes I think and I see how I let one. And I can't find whatever she was so awkward that I didn't know anybody it was it was it. The bet that that's also another take you for bringing up that point I'm that's another moment I don't want to do small talk with anyone. I mean Parker it's. I hear the bat tables you don't I. Yeah that they did that that would be the end break yup but I'm. All my guys. And I may have lake. EE eight people at my wedding and I knew every single one except for her I got the top everyone accepts it earned EMI has been an act it. Yep preach the good news as Siena is our reached a good news all connected to a private lives. You've caused unnecessary tension amongst the staff members of all 94 nights I hope you're happy per facts. More data and Jason all money for a nine San Diego's alternative maybe you wanna call and saint encouraging word to Melissa when she comes then. About right after 9 o'clock. Is Jason informed her live on air that she doesn't get a plus 12 is big gay wedding coming up at. And I don't. I'll take three more quick calls seating get a final word on who's right on that she believes she's. Definitely deserves applause once you say there's no way she's getting 100% Gracie from best at the morning. Ariel hi do you sell lovely day you actually have a cult at unexpected equipment. He got a class okay let right now talk to us talk to us so I'm kind of medal I hate the you couldn't write wedding and sell expend their. That go to a wedding a low Krejci knows she's been there before you know I'm just very you know I have been married class under. Add the idea being you know if you wanted to bring up well let you know she should have told him like eight months ago. But I understand the. You should understand greatly will you be Elizabeth plus blood because you felt so. Yeah I really wanna anybody. Should be apprised of that studio Brian Ballard it. That you have to deal at this bright Fella. It I don't I have to. Parade will connect you two gonna try to live. And hey Alex good morning from Hillcrest. Alex a look at first time calling in situation. Thank you know I had earlier and it should not yet the number 1 our anger I am madly in about a year and a couple of months ago and what. And I don't look it not in my it might inherit quite Brandon. But bandit got pregnant but I. Hugged them with the heterosexual black initially I thought oh our. Bread. Hey Aaron good morning from Kensington start. I wanna say that I love both Alyssa and Cheney says yeah. Elect Barack up. BJ sentence right I don't think you meant beginning or and I loved that I got here right there a point when she that they don't bet she could bring somebody. Can't I'm song comes from Oregon and then like I don't know how to laugh it up to make it batter life. Digging down to the point where like that we can go on a very short journey together or very long journey but we're still don't. And we have not ironic kinda journey I love kind journeys may be true strapped in kind of mess quite. Yeah had to get record what you know what. She could break somebody I mean maybe it is pretty I. Part of it but I would never still why I would bring anybody leopard that and that's okay. It's. Well I don't I don't let it and I let you know I hate is an ideal that we need to make shirts. No we known that.