Dana & Jayson - Game Time: I Picked Sports Instead...

Wednesday, September 18th

​When you're in a vibrant city like New York, of course you're going to spend your limited time squeezing in all the touristy activities you can like taking a stroll in Central Park, eating some street meat, or... watching a football game in your hotel room on your cell phone's tiny screen. If one of these things doesn't seem to be like the others, it's because Jayson was involved. During a very quick weekend getaway with his husband, rather than enjoy NYC for all it has to give, Jayson was more interesting in spending time in his room watching the Cowboys. Since Dana isn't a sports fan, and has an even harder time understanding the obsession with football, this decision didn't sit well with her. As a rallying cry for some red blooded backup, Jayson convinced her to hit the phones, and find out what our listener family has skipped in favor of sports. Game time this morning on San Diego's Alternative.