Dana & Jayson - Game of Thrones DEATH Predictions

Wednesday, May 16th

The brand new game that uses math, and doesn't spoil anything. Dana got her hands on some mathematical information that claims to predict who won't make it through the final season of HBO's mega-hit Game of Thrones, so we put a pair of tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins on the line, and put one member of our listener family to the test (with some help from Jayson) to find out who will survive to take the throne. We're ready for 2019!


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Now it's time for game of throwing staff per share this with Damon Jason in on all nine being born nine. In the opener. So there at the. Okay well you know game of sounds like you that one endo who is the going to die of you'll that's what this game's about I honestly like it's not as spoiler because this is just according Joseph weird math algorithm. So it's just who do you believe. Is most likely to die in the final season of game of towns it's a little getting a little bit of insight as to who's gonna sit on the iron turn in the hands. I'm winning 82 choices of characters okay. You just have to say which when you believe is going to die first and according to this map algorithm if you're correct you get a point two out of three get two tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins at the VA has Serena. Let's go to Brian from Ramona the idea of the game of their own stand front. I am who could start watching it again actually. Elementary lights hello good realized OK so shoot characters. You indecent together have to decide. Which one is more likely did di first. I mean on the start with the big guns though yup I have to help they hit some as a starter. Or John Snow. I'm gonna happen they Opteron not c'mon now he has to last through the hole. Sees that and to the very end and then they'll kill him off son that she's gone belly needs that there. But he did you see her girl and you think she's going to be ending up on the fifth round. And they hadn't gone there are human blood on pool I don't know who in effect so many things in recent final answer I guess we're going with John now. A and according to this nerd algorithm. John Snow is at 59% chance of dying I don't like that they'll get they'll give me this is according to a little nugget. Next what are you ready for your next to game the fans care yes he would be up. Which one is more likely to die sir see Atlanta start deaths or brands stark well man. Craig I would say Theres the because everyone like hates her so everyone wants her to die it's I would assume that it would be. Her what I kind of agree regret OK final answer sir I yeah. Brand start as a 66%. Chance of dying. Third as certain alias sixty for stupid maps so you Matt that's it yet again jihadist. Okay it's youth paralyzed now you don't lie okay god though. This is the final line OK we got that these are the top Sue Bird characters from game of Dunn's most likely to die. What's one has the highest percent chance according to a weird math algorithm move it got if it were a bit Jamie land Esther. Ordinary yes mommy drag out mom Joyce yes yes I can't tell us they onsite. I would say. Genie. Land essar has the better chance of dying. Because he's missing a hands. Yapping he's kind of like European bureau here in America I would say that he's already steep death. Yes he totally hit it the other big dinners. Yeah yeah because momma drags it out on the line so final and Sarah who is most likely did die a could do it. And a final. The game of their odds for game of arms duck productions say momma drag them better yet. These single and again. Problem. We're going into the final season game at their rounds very educated at Olympia and I'm ready for this is big game of the brawl. Staffed bridge cheering us on all night before nine. Our own now with the buzz kill that was I'll make beaver characters dying off thank you. Well this is just according to weird math and I think everybody was killed livid yet whatever that OK just wondering.