Dana & Jayson - Game Over

Wednesday, May 16th

Video games have become a part of life. They live on your phone, on your console, and anywhere and everywhere else you can think of. BUT, how much is too much? Can an obsession with a specific game actually ruin a relationship? Dana & Jayson wanted to find out this morning, so we asked the spouse of one of our Alt 949 family members to come clean, then we hit the phones and asked you to #jointheconversation and weigh in. What games made you cry for an extra life? We found out this AM on Alt 949.


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Fort night is destroying lives. But I don't think that's a mixed huge stick you mad exit. There are serious. Consequences. From the fort night addiction that so many people as succumb Tim did you hear about the Red Sox pitcher that carpal tunnel now hope. Well. She pitches for the Red Sox his livelihood is dependent on his fingers being intact and he got carpal tunnel from playing fort night oh my gosh. Fort that is affecting people's lives and maybe you are a victim of fort night or even gaming in general 6195701. And Brian how are claiming major victim. I mean I know I'm pretty compelled by this David Price man on the Red Sox but. I'm more compelled about the stories here in San Diego and this morning we have a fortnight while coloring gaining back some idea what she's on the phone right now Amanda. Allow. You didn't prefer to be anonymous did you. All yeah yeah. Yeah. You are gaming victim Amanda but we need to take it a little closer to home and say that you are gaming victim because of your husband's video game addiction and your husband just so happens to be the afternoon hosts here at all 98 or nine in his name is Jeremy. And your very amusing character can you believe it. Yup the man who chooses the music for the assault turned the radio station is also a gaming addicts. I don't you know I didn't realize that when we got married that kind of going to be became you know he's like yeah. Like video games and I say that he did that in college of those France's. He lived about a guy that out in my leg OK plagued the state is number eight. Yeah I got fat you vendor are how is seen that there is gaining a room. There's a gaming room could you please talk about the latest addition to the gaming room that's in progress currently. And we have a green screen. Yeah and let's say his house like ten monitored by dual monitor their. He called me a war and a monitor white flag of the debt they need to click scheme in my. This area. If you write music and help the greens are you is that I really want to focus not just because yeah that is still act surely I don't even milk why your how halls are off. Ended though. Intent and now every night at 9 o'clock basically it like a man that light I'm dumber I got to get a stream. Please flag. Like ancient when you looking at the clock down like from the mountain you liked that the door from work which they're blank 730 at night yet you know like an hour and how can that hurt you guys injured that are good. I think that. Did you siesta strained right and well liked in the morning 'til 2 in the morning Amanda. I have by now it's the other one about my diet that the perfect way to put it a totally in the other elements are met. Many men and. So many mad. We're going inside of victims of world this wording in a Vick dumb. Of a video game addicts. So we have a man on the phone with a straight now. Her husband does afternoons and all muddy for nine his name is Jeremy feel free to harass him later he's addicted to gaming now Amanda you made this statement that I thought was very powerful that is and it is in terms of your family dynamic because you haven't had too gorgeous children that look like models. And to their could be a third child but you made a statement and I would love for your proclaim that statement on the radio. Hello my. Evening is basically like that need that birth control there and because they're a potentially have debt and a third child. Are you lay ahead this is scenario just like a man that's 6195701949. I have a solution and alleviate the hey Amanda god bring the do you hid it tape one of those monitors to your calf America. A hot hot and. Yeah you know I can't believe I'm admitting that I can actually like locked and my copilot flight behind the tree in there and everything now. Now they happen and you know you like you are. Well all of my light naked many up and do it. Do you have do we really good line you know I really helped and I and all yeah man. OK OK okay. What is gaming done this year life. Maybe you are you've made yourself into the victim of gaming like that man from the Red Sox with a carpal tunnels that are. Or maybe you would have a third child of that warm for your husband streaming addiction. Well how does gaming affect you at 6195701949. Captain dog too. That name rings yeah. I'll. Our offices. But it that you play they gave deaths today and not have followed out wide out all our after data hosts do flag gave big game cap didn't dog soup. I don't much team takes all the music for this alternative radio station do as currently is victimizing his life. Yet because he is it gaming addicts she came on and it was and it really was plagued gaming anonymous is the because she shared what she goes zero and this is an opportunity for and you as a victim of gaming to share we you go through at 6195701949. Mario from Chula Vista go born and. Yeah apparently it's my roommate at a lot of excitement about going to create its own one date bribery to go to convention and look at games blocks of people's. Scream in our minds of some sort out I had no idea what. It gives me anxiety that is cells out there. I think they traveled or watch other people Galen. A. Yet when it groomed a big reader but I whitbeck is it odd guy out and there are pockets a nobody why he used leaving wouldn't it. Still it's must be very weird to be sober show how well. A bunch of people who are totally like out of their mind. Exactly bad and you're watching this horrible at somebody's house and in the person who's there as to what our. They'll let watching the Super Bowl would deign yeah I. Excitedly took. Marriott now how does that affect you. It actually hit it a good way at all politically it would you are prepared to deal with an exciting pick and the pregnant or discouraged you've got a lot of anger frustration out there. I could negotiate could be out something outrageous leaving it beauty out I wanted to order to a more. This is a little early like not it's more of a place of concern than just. The truth that night I said honestly polite it really makes me feel upset. That someone would he get that there aggression and non an animated character. Oh yeah and it seriously consider this question a bit too much younger economic maybe a couple of horrible. Oh yeah yeah. Sensible law. Yeah Marion you keep being that healthy boy Saturday at the time I heard. As the Florida he needs a support Marian leads a support group vote or Mario yeah. They're blockers and they're very durable back. That would enable it. They are oh Jason's friend request. Accepted. Group therapy continues on on 949 San Diego's alternative. It's steaming addicts anonymous were hosting a meeting and this morning victims of gay may need are giving it really a peek inside their worlds Erica good morning from Mira mesa. We're a team. Record letters I'm beat him or her. Aaron. Has departed our relationship you know all of his friend or go out to him. Kicking you back home. It really beat the IA to take years to get here. I remember eighteen passing needed shot free Demjanjuk on behalf of the CE. No well yes. Absolutely I actually may Expansion Pack and are aren't apparent. You know when he got back to eat your computer that now or eagle that can come out. 24 hours. I just want that statement to breathe and and have life because you needed to say that out loud yeah. I I I am Lou I'm dying I can't even believe you you what sinister expansions. Survival kit to. There's definitely ilk. You can get more yeah. Yeah. Oh now Erik I don't know of my that is when you first started dating have met with kinda charming you know. Did he like bring up his gaming addiction and and the like a very easy way kind of like oh yeah I kind of like gave. Nellie have been very prevalent pilot defect could be cut our second day short. Because he had a great schedule weakened guilt. And it's not America. And you send get a read with his gills. And it looked at them is married and every Sunday night me and he can expect expect that in itself. Jobs and income but gained access to you know like getting her. But you're an ogre who had you know early bird special show. Can you paint a picture of how often he'd please. Every day that are actually being in Peru Jean went. In the game. What's the game what is this is horrible game that I wanna distraught I'm surprised you can't do it right to act by. I want the war the war crown him now to our whole lives sorry did you originally raid was a dead give him. Any way. I've never won a World of Warcraft with only on the computer where he would have to buy like a disk and you could play that's how far that yeah. Apparently they invite real contract that would have been moved. Back a day and a break I know the computer plays like. Japanese primer what I've heard only cash but the first speculating that he spent by an. Where he doesn't play it straight for knocking at it again tomorrow. Not only that an animal. Yeah. I walk down hole and callable. Oh wait that's thirty Iraq. Erica Erica you want to get out of the house and so we public that on the concert tickets for you to choose shows. What is any MG MT and organist and you dirty heads okay. Yeah yeah. To bring. Out. There can be sure it's not during a rain in the hot.