Dana & Jayson - Fun State of Mind

Tuesday, June 11th

​California is a fun state. We all know this, which is why we don't mind paying $5 a gallon for gasoline, or knowing there will be inexplicable traffic on the 5 south any time after 2:30pm. Since a list of the most (and least) fun states came out, and Dana & Jayson were relieved and not surprised to see California at the top of the list, they decided the real intrigue resided at the BOTTOM of the list. This morning on Alt 949, with some help from Jayson and Producer Jack, one member of our listener family had the chance to figure out the least fun states in our union (we're looking at you Delaware) and score tickets to one of the most fun events in San Diego (we're looking at you Wonderfront Music and Arts Festival) in the process. Happy to be in a California state of mind this morning on San Diego's Alternative.