Dana & Jayson - Fried Chicken & Bloody Marys

Tuesday, May 30th

​No, we're not talking about Jayson's pre-show meal, we're talking about the perfect meal to lead to a relationship. Dana & Jayson caught wind of a survey that suggests ordering a Bloody Mary and fried chicken usually leads to a second date, but would the people of San Diego agree? Listen to find out!

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And next time your out on a date order a bloody Mary. And fried chicken. That's if you want a relationship with Kafelnikov and David dates and have a 949 San Diego's alternative a massive study 8000 people were surveyed and they said that these two menu items usually lead to a second dates that would never occurred to me now I would never order either of those two things for so many reasons so we decided to ask the ideals of San Diego both Jews they give you were on a date and the personal ordered a bloody Mary. And fried chicken. First very important question is is an afternoon because if it's not afternoon insurers bloody Mary we've got big issues second thing is I'm guardian entree and because she went fried chicken and I probably wanted to learn a salad. Sounds delicious first off those two absurd kind of fun and a little bit stupid but like in the way that you're just like who's this person why are they doing this this seems like kind of an interesting thing and yes. They would lead to a second day per share. And there would be questions in my head of why she would or that and I would probably ask her why but at the same time hey Alex fried chicken salad what do Mary's. Okay fell in love fried chicken I'm all about. The bloody Mary Maliki pretty strange to me wondering why he didn't get a beer because. I certainly not getting a bloody Mary and I just feel like your girly hair then me if you get a bloody Mary and I get a beer and thinking. And I don't drink so this is a very and sing girl who wants to get loaded on the first day and a fried chicken thing. Kind of health not so it's just it's you with some grilled chicken I mean we're good. Because she's cut the calories right there but fried chicken. Man. I think play to 8 PM reservation. And made a nice wine with being cocked went. And my gate ordered bloody Mary on the first state I don't know I get to sit back. Action and let that ply it well did she called me I'd probably upper and they. So what do we learn today would people go first second date for the most part what Dave follow a lot of wanna relationship after a bloody Mary and fried chick ten. You know about all about on Ziggy about is fried chicken a bloody Mary sister.