Dana & Jayson - FOMO Alert: The Housewarming Party

Friday, August 16th

​He must have done something to deserve this. That was the general consensus this morning when the Dana & Jayson gang learned that Jayson was left out of a very special event involving one of his closest friends. Normally, you'd think having one of your best and longest running friends move to the city you live in would fill you with excitement, but Jayson was left feeling left out and neglected. Last night, the fear of missing out was real for Jayson, as he watched the Instagram stories roll in from a housewarming party he wasn't invited to. Ouch. Since Dana knows passive-aggression never works out, she yanked off the band-aid, hoped on the phone, and put Jayson and his friend together for a little on-air healing. Who was to blame in this housewarming party fiasco? We tried to get to the bottom of things this morning on San Diego's Alternative.