Dana & Jayson - Felt Up

Friday, August 10th

Jayson is a cartoon character. Not the usual version of Jayson being a cartoon character we've come to know and love weekdays with Dana & Jayson, but a weird hungover puppet-like cartoon character after a late night in Hollywood at a special speakeasy event promoting the new movie The Happytime Murders. What kind of zest and vigor would he bring to Alt 949 this morning? A less than animated Jayson this AM on San Diego's Alternative.

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All money for nine San Diego's alternative ordain and jays send us. Some of us are hung over the smarter. User and the voices. Of illnesses that happens when you drink twelve drinks. I had to get back a coincidence that the hung over person in the room is also the person wearing the weird pink wig and yeah. Woke up like that it's. Literally. Can you please explain lives of Congo a while because it's too hard for you to talk. So yesterday Jason and I went to an event in LA it was to have basically celebrate today new movie with Melissa McCarthy it's coming out of a couple weeks is called the happy time murders. And and the whole premises it's humans. And and so we went to his speech easy in LA. Hosted by the puppets from the move threatens the other. So Jason decided he was going to outshine the puppets and and you couldn't follow along that journey on RNC to story and called 949 radio. The guy is. They incorporated Jason into the show of course because he's kind of a puppet. Andy and I you know like a pop he did dress like about but he didn't wanna be outdone by the puppets so you outed them. And a host pup that I literally Jack asked him if he would have sex who made it made it could. And he was up any Latin absurdity incorporated into his bed and yeah. LA firm with stage in front of all these deadly ball Jay said meet me backstage yet. Jason the only person that would actually worry about being out China bio pop. I'll bet he does. He had UN let's first check all my attention everyone else just like normal people are is that this event it was a median wait for the movie. But guess who came out and then was getting their photo taken by newspapers in LA the how good fight and how little we worked out good again that ultimately I think we're Jeff gee mom yeah. It's like job from Jessica Jarrett a puppet that Hollywood. Oh my it. Anyway that's funny thug Saddam go and yes so Jason started drinking and I will we got there it was 3 PM only your eyes and we had a dinner five in the event was at seven. I Saddam we should do coffee. He goes no. Without its huge drop and then at about face walks to the bar. And ordered himself a shard and day Blake had sat field we even go into that and then heat continued drinking you know because I said are we can have one. The no twelve drinks well two he had at the read it before the dinner three at the dinner and then six at the event where there were puppets. Trying to do that math and that's a lot of drinks an hour there your dreams per hour ratio was very you shouldn't even be here right now and we just say. Mike meaning alive with yeah. Aren't lost on Hollywood boulevard now I have no way I would bet that do weather for you oh I know I was his handler intently just say that we have Blake and super driver because. Oh of course out no one was driving. Chad of course tonight watch all the way back in April was average date I would have gone home with that over driver development so you would have gone home with uber driver may be one of the pop up. And now. Oh yeah. Let us get it together here.