Dana & Jayson - The Family Cloth

Wednesday, March 21st

​If you're invested in reducing your carbon footprint and making the earth a cleaner place, you're probably already doing this. Right? Reusable toilet paper. Yep. They're calling it the 'Family Cloth' and you use it, wash it, and reuse it whenever you have to do your business. Despite the positive impact this may have on the planet, Dana & Jayson are still hoping this trend doesn't catch on. Please. 


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Who reusable toilet paper is laden trends and help out. I'm with a mate wouldn't recycling goes too far like peg to edit but do you get. Please don't get it well I can't recycling or whatever I'm all for that. But this is too much so there's a shrine now called. Still believe men and I held the family cause all. Of them. The family clawed then and it's what you think it is which is a cloth that. You put next to the toilet and and then shoot people in the family use it and then it's watched. We'll get it OK hold on there's a lot of things that have asked questions about. So you use it and then you throw it in the hamper okay. So like it's a one use and not yet not everybody immediately thought that the past and around the Euro area. You. I figured corner. I think. But anyway but not because that's the family clothe I love the chemical also the Stanley Cup that gets put in the hamper further Stanley cloths as a special hamper and then. And dig a wash and then just put Bakken up pile a stack next to the toilet you know what this reminds me. Little House on the Prairie home. 68 o'clock Sox might only wind in this room that had cloth diapers. Growing up I don't remember I don't know eight and one I don't know I'm yes probably we were still more. That we could not use the disposable diapers Liane young women were killed or theft evidence that we have cloth diapers though. It's the same thing in your ready to bring it back yeah I mean if it saves like. It's good things that much money and that's all you care about in life because OK first of all. What do you always complain about Dana when you come and use my toilet you of the worst. Sheep house toilet paper and other chiefs up where you can see through it did you concede yet I have to use I mean I'm not going to. PLO over my hips so I have to use extra when I met. Jason's house it's sandpaper HL yeah you can solve that problem now by just bringing along your own and we caught. Hello clearly you don't care about yourself enough dead by the good comfortable toilet paper and so you are open did this because only care about is the savings. Yeah what and present and that also. On a different level may be at the meant to bubble up probably a way of knowing I feel like at bonds us. What does the memory clock because. I'd probably have used to before and wash said than a year you think yeah well I will tell you the warning that they're giving about if you are thinking about jumping on the strand. Is that there is potential for cross contamination. I feel like you bears RT Ben Cross contaminated retreat US it's OK with that I would use the restroom if you only served Stanley Clarke we should test that out we can just here at the station remove all the for toilet paper. I was leave a couple of clocks that let nature take its course.