Dana & Jayson - A Family Affair

Wednesday, January 17th

FM 949 Coachella artist Saint Vincent is going on tour with her Aunt and Uncle, and when Dana & Jayson heard the musical family is going on the road together, it all seemed like a bit much. Does this actually sound like a good idea? We discussed the implications of taking our OWN families on tour this morning on FM 949.

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One of the coach artists is doing something meg gives me immediate anxiety. So Satan and set she's gonna be playing Coachella Friday night she's actually coming to San Diego to at the end of the month she's going to be the north part of server trek slam at 27 and a veto Sera the north park observatory. You can also see her family. She's bringing her aunts and uncle on Tor with car. You go on tour. To get away from none. I you don't bring about a yeah bring family onto Warren streets now this non gold they're musicians. But late. Put on the bus with Healy is a whole mother level. And we meet its cool aunt and uncle okay by diet and I didn't end this doesn't make you think lake is there any family member that you would actually warrant. Should be in this small confined bus space with TO now but you know full well the answer is always go and this story actually made me in a moment of reflection that all of my blood relatives would be horrible to have been outlawed. Okay my mom and I would fight two hours and I would Tryon have a deep conversation with my brother and you get pissed at me and Mike tell the bus driver to pull over so aching storm often go to a bar there and my aunt and uncle like everyone else would wanna talk about family drama corner may though tour would be eighth and ethics shed from your advice I would that's all of a lot don't you feel like it would be the worst. I agree look at birth that I cannot stand my family I mean I'm. I would definitely say a solid week Gatwick that it's time enough for a whole year. If you legend nominate one person from your family who would probably be the most annoying to have on tour would you nominate my mother are. God love our. I mean imagine I mean playing at the observatory cared as you're there with your cock tell the waiting for me to come on. And let's just say this wall mad at present the data on stage at third through Baghdad's. These studies that state than proving your brain function better on track did that answer that fly my diet is much better than your diet. I have a variety of food that I can eat your very boring like cakes you know. Yeah. And I think he should know on a diet plan from your mom. I have a beautiful stake in Brussels sprouts might stay right takes. But I love you might need you out if you eat that way I'll be really happy. That's a CB save you right before you went on to perform onstage thanks mom met a. But regardless of how bad my mom would be I feel really like you take home the trophy for most annoying yet because I would nominate my children did. Yeah. Like I would if I weren't Argus I would go on tour and leave them very definitely because I can't bring them because the list. Why he'd run. But he. Needs even. I would pay money for that app that does is certainly you could sign up. Your mom is annoying on the diet and I didn't flatten my children are marked as.