Dana & Jayson - Fall Fest

Friday, September 14th

The first rule of Fall Fest, is you don't talk about Fall Fest. Especially in front of people who aren't invited to Fall Fest. Dana and Producer Jack have a bone to pick with Jayson this morning when he talked about a party at his house ALL WEEK LONG in front of his show cohorts, without ever inviting them. Cobblers were being eaten, chili was being cooked, but not even a sympathy invite for Dana or Jack. This morning on Alt 949, Jayson doubled down on his dastardly deed, feeling zero sympathy for his neglect of his supposed friends. Is this insane? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.

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Almighty far nine San Diego's alternative word day that chase and producer Jack Jason can I talk to about something that you've been doing all week me. Cadets you. That's I would say. Just says your front of a perfect a look at just who blunders such as your friend that I would say. If I order categories this behavior can. I would put in the extremely. Rude category. Probably. I probably say yes Iowa whenever you're about to say I agree a guy and I'm sorry. But you but you don't know you get. But I'd probably get on the wrong you did do some I think you did done something wrong but I think your grossly unaware oh yeah I have no clue what you're talking are now. For the entire week Jason has talked about it's a party he had last night's. Every single day in. And not invited myself for producer Jack Taylor. Last night what was met with fault that it was all us adjacent apartment last night I invited two of our co workers and their significant others and their significant others. It was talked about in such great deep tell I thought. And initially you wanna like be defensive and be like is he doing that on purpose of just dealing mean Timmy so mean but it weighs. It was so consistent every day that unlike. I actually thought about it when I forgave him go and apply for you as just that unaware of and is ignorant to the fact that it's route. Yeah because at least twice he mentioned it to one of the parties involved in front of us yeah out even. There's like man I'm so excited for tomorrow night. I can't wait for fall fast my kid. Has so like she would talk about fall fast everyday like progression don't even like hocus pocus and that's what we're watching. He talked about. The cobble Ers have the governor did pumpkin bread. Then he took it to the next level. A big day of fall fast. He made me go with him to pick up supplies for it. That's what you were picking supplies before they're all fast so the Apple's later asking me what kind she should get. All of the ingredients for the chilly that he was making other socially but there was like. And any would talk about it late heavily with the people he did invite me. And might never acknowledge. I would just pretend I was doing work I didn't want them to be like oh are you coming and bit late he didn't invite it. Not even Mike a sympathy like hey you probably don't wanna go is he would have won us that we're dummy. You oh yeah I think. I want to see Ella would progress and it just was this like hole. Party he had whole party said he did an invite us to play yet kept talking about it in front of us which no one dies Nolan does. No one talks about stuff like that in front of people born and by no in fact people normally go out of their way not to not to talk about out consumer and a lot of people that earn invited I always tell my daughter who's nine we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings here think Jason we don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings hangar that's on what you're hurting my radio mullah. The reason. What was the reason why don't show. Let that be part about it and they party. Because of these they partied venue I think. In Iraq if you call it fault but I think you have elevated it to go hard right cited three people with a dinner party so let's not get twisted be like I invited all of our people who we work wed if I hang out at home I watched TV on Saturday night I do not call Jack festival or Jack that's Jack Adams and you guys they're not a part of the text group that I am called the Sanderson sisters and I don't get that reference that you can't. I mean you can do a fall fast if you want to thank you. And you did and I did. But what I would do if I were doing fall bus as my Sanderson sisters got. You're one of some guy is I wouldn't. Talk about in front of you because I would don't want your feelings get hurt that I was doing a party not abiding yup all fest is like play once again first rule fall fest is don't don't talk about all of us. I'm allowed to talk about all that whenever I wanna talk about the ball oh gag okay bed so that you are going to stand on the facts. That it's acceptable to talk about the event that other people are invited to in front of those people I still little right. Is it that so then it's not root. The whole he's doubling down on I even know you guys were mad they use your doubling down and saying it's not root yet. I go I also want me is riding on at the end of the all the chips are down or even know what we're talking about 61957019. Fordyce hit. Is your current kids hooked up about the event. That the her invited him in front of the people remain chilly. How blurs. All money for nine in San Diego's alternative forging an ad jays and producer Jack in my mind I assumed it would go to defense of hopeful worked at first of like bullets just ignorance he's probably sorry. Now the Fed said he's standing on his platform of rude and not. All week long Jason has talked about an event he had last night in front of myself and producer Jack. And they intentionally excluded us for a minute from all that I kept calling it fall fats and talking about and every day saying how excited he was for faults us it was almost like. A second grader didn't invite you his birthday party I'm Marcia Marcia GAAP. I invited three of our co worker earth to a dinner party and I thought fall fest with a good name for yet. And then you kept talking about every day and then to the play where you made me go to Wal-Mart Shelby get supplies for yet never acknowledged that I wasn't invited. I can't help but I had to carry your acumen and for the I'm pretty chilly and unlike a is he that cemented. A but no you're not sorry and you stand on your platform of bird nest. Hey Renee carrier. Is better she'd better and I had to I mean it's just been a long week of having to pretend that I not. Hearing conversation actually today before the recipe groups I would like to say one thing grenade. Is that I actually feel very good about myself. Because I usually have the one who's always chasing Dana. But this is the first time in our relationship that she has chased me so I feel very and now I it's reconfirmed that we are that's right now or not. Because it's about a friend wouldn't let us. And he got and how I'm like the good news forgotten. I like about banner up there right now many yet the compound does okay but you know what is your government. So I think about right now and in Barrow are a part in the other group that you can get along with Dana I can understand not seen anything. Aspect and you get that relationship. But what about like. They're lighting Eric people that knew about the wedding and an invite is able to talk about it if Alabama. Do you look silence her family out of the white that you could. But that's a good player I mean at their wedding I look at it as you're paying that's a lot of money I mean eight for all that silly that I made. OK I would have brought up hot I mean I if I were advice I would have dubbed follow the assignment that would have brought at least a similar didn't break mate Joseph for. It's seven layer dip it's all you know that. You surely are you can't really I think that's why I am quite a producer Jack as he got the Vanilla help all the best as murder as an agreement or not. But if there are marked yet then I see that you probably shouldn't say anything out of Rick back. That person that an IQ but they don't feel left out I. Many in this thing is is like there's no drama or more sketched there is like negative more in the negative zone of sketch or drama to really I love them. I think you're not friends but those three friends and I can understand they do you know about I have friends that own or not and I am I. I agree I think I won't be that I want and don't be friends. I think it was just a matter of when you hear about a party you're not invited CO it's like. Idaho okay are eight cool satellite here is like. I can't wait for fall fast toddler. Pumpkin bread like right in front of the and that's just sounds like I wanna be included in that it after the by the we don't want him that would be so I'm there and it is both beautiful. And certainly I'm not in my. They are you talking about it. And tonight they keep our cry out Japan.