Dana & Jayson - Faking It

Thursday, September 13th

​Dana got played. Hard. Who pulled off this elaborate manipulation, you might ask. Her 5-year-old daughter. D'oh. When her youngest child came down with a stomach ailment, the middle child didn't want to miss out on the stay home fun, so she lied and said she was also sick. Fast forward to the afternoon cartwheel competition, and Dana and her husband knew they'd been fooled. To help take the edge off (and hopefully the blinders) Jayson and Producer Jack shared their own stories of faking it, and we hit the phones to hear your stories for a chance at a pair of Padres/Rangers tickets for Friday night.

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All money for nine in San Diego's alternative ordain and Jason producer Jack Dana with play by her five year old. We had a nickel for every time you said. Yeah they're. I guess I was everyone had lied before about being ill so they can get out of work school anything. Get miss goody two issues are raising her hand over there I never lied to get out of school or work. That's I have always hear about. I've never taken sick day and I've never second I don't lie okay. I believe everyone like you could tell me anything I would just believing you if you're second you're sick then you should it take today yet. Dean four year old little girl was actually sick but the middle child. Now got talents did I wanna go to school and oh so she faked an illness. We realize later that we were tracked. I let it let you bit and then that big of a trick because the only thing the middle child that what that. Our lean my brain yeah. It's her Star Trek to new and old laurel and role play I it's McCaw. Is a belly. There's no proof slow. And I. That was the most basic lie yeah her really well for that I did I was like all the other one's belly hurts so now you're sixth studio. And then meanwhile she was doing back flips off the couch the next. I'm pretty happy and like Lego castles. And wanting to go swimming. How was like that the best way. Hey you're new to the game of lying about bill this says but they've been around for very long time so that's 61957019. For night. Have you ever lied. About being ill and how far. Did you go with the line. This is my first rodeo because my nine year old the oldest she is me. Think she would never lot though like it would never occur to her. So now keeper Garnett pretty subject you have a cautionary tell yes I would like to set the bar very high on this because I have the best story about faking an illness ever OK and if you have a story as well as 61957019. For an about the link UN Doolittle award the best one to get some pudge rays Rangers game this Friday night at pack up 100% okay a very close friend of. Mine when she was about eleven years old hello mom was making her do some yard work you know reckons he leaves do it's an orange didn't wanna do. So in order to get out of it she faked a belly ache okay okay I'm mom I really don't feel good and started you know grasping at her side. It just so happened that one of her neighbors was around and went. Who she's grasping her right side and that's where her appendix and self. Opportunity number one for my friend to say. I'm just kidding no no mom took her to the hospital know to the emergency room. That would be weird enough of it ended there but no they go win the they go man she seems like she's in a lot of pain so normally this is a situation where we would wait it out but. I don't think we can't we need to get that appendix out right now. Do my urine my DA did my friend raised her hand look at your college and saying you know I don't know and I didn't know. She had her appendix she did not undergo surgery out Joseph. He has so that she did give out of raking will lead us. I. So yeah. All eyes so much. And who aren't wasn't enough this got surgery and they took out of perfectly good appendix going under the knife was the worst thing this act you know. That is that idea rake leaves before it's awful about it. You know. Wow and 06195701. A friend that is. That's a fact that so I think slam you don't have to be that story got to top that one but if you have one. Were you lied and it actually works I'd like this is training. Leo I won't be fooled again. Our little girl the rain yeah. And it's her son tricks nanny in the room when we look. I felt for that yet data's five year old her middle child fake being sixth or she didn't have to go to school she is like kindergarten who put up. And that was a long week alive. I know I even question at and then she was heavier car will. Competition when I came about. We're giving data and education this morning about how far he can go when you're trying to faked illness to get out of the bag. Hi Rick good morning from Cardiff and how you don't get a good night see hear from Leo did you have faked illness. I view it a long time ago I'll do it back when I groups you're currently trade and that. Tiger play in the pot in the world theory I bet if it. Well I worked as a waiter erector in the that owner retiring they were just terrible oracle. So I had to put the World Series and I know that I've also anything they would fire or eat the life bake that broke your arm. Ashley high speed arm ball quite a bit and it's laying a debt. I'd love to work it there but I can't because my arm is broke and they gave me the weekend out that I went to the World Series. I mean that is a large light commitments. Now how did you follow through without ideas that's like six weeks of healing. I didn't really think at the very well. Miraculously carrying big Israelis. Now what bank and yet. Admit that I I think I'd doubt about it I think O'Donnell I would hit it and yeah you wound up the World Series now hang. I'd ML like the tiger beat the Padres debate Pitt who here ruby pure right now look I bet anyway it was great. Least you saw your team win the World Series because according to the job to see even get beaten would not violated the wedding. I have a stupid story like that Leo actually wrecked would you like to stay for the us. I would love it within the yeah yeah OK well back in sixth grade I had it prepared for it passed and so you know how you can put a cup over your mouth and then suck the air out where you create like affection between army tank a techie cool audit really Harding keep on sucking it will bruise. Around your mouth with circle around her melt so what do they think you had a rash or something a reaction to that and then they were like leading me being like. Is your throat hurting at all and I've -- it is hurting the demo and they took me hospital no lol yeah they took me to the hospital and they were doing all these tasks they could have by Eddie they know your medical mystery but the damn nurse with a mom. It's he goes to Japan cup on your let millions did not she knew as she knew it she called my bluff so I ended up having to go to school the next day with a bruised. Over raffle and equipment I hit my got a big Hickey comes that would be democratic yes but at least you didn't have malaria.