Dana & Jayson - Ex Marcs the Spot

Thursday, September 12th

Just because a romantic relationship from your past didn't work out, that doesn't mean the people that helped shape and influence your present self are erased completely. Unless Jayson gets his way. When former All-Star and gazillion dollar man Alex Rodriguez stated that exes would be and should be included in the wedding invitation list, Jayson went all Jayson about it. Not understanding why someone that was part of a failed relationship would make the cut, Jayson took a few of his own shots at A-Rod, while all Dana could do was try to talk some sense into a nonsensical man. Are exes exes for a reason? Did Dana make a mistake inviting several of her exes to her wedding? Why is Producer Jack playing "I Need to Know" out of his cell phone speakers? We tried to figure it all out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.