Dana & Jayson - Entitled Mike's Spelling Bee Review

Friday, June 2nd

The Scripps National Spelling Bee wrapped up last night, and even though he would have rather watched Game 1 of the NBA Finals, we forced our intern Entitled Mike to sit through it so you didn't have to. Check out his very real, real-time review. How do you spell excitement? Listen to f-i-n-d o-u-t.

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No one actually watches the national spelling and I. You know what that's what interns or for a data and Jason at about 949 San Diego's alternative we have an intern entitled Mike he passed to do whatever we assigned him at about perhaps the yeah so then he we needed. Him to watch the Scripps national spelling base and we told them we also need to play by play a little bit of reviews so we feel like we know what really happens this is entitled Mike's night last night. Let's start with 285. Elementary and middle schoolers and it being called Cain mind bending celebration of words. That nine B a. Telling CEO. REU. When he. I would have been bugged my orchid to roll on and Chad from Kerry North Carolina. Do we got here round day the water is from Latin origin. Could be watching the basketball playoffs and I I'm watching it eleven you know hope and GO light it. You're now altered breaking down how do you hindered spelling words news. So neat television magic to watch how he expelled but she on goes. On the popular resort. Didn't get off our. But being honored that myself Serena but cannot decrypt each its eight great court heard two other kids to. Our community grammar because he loves words. He's probably gonna take this thing now I am probably be I've bought something and error by my favorite to win in Iraq she'd told captain. It had to recruit in buffalo wings. And I dig in connect it to my. The ball can't hurt total of 70 watching it but these finals are in and gotten to deploy it now the word you're so. Hard and I'm making up their own detonations wade can. And pat made you find the quickest route between the organic grocery store weight gain coming up on 11:30 eastern standard time. All the children not in the tournament are sleek front stage all laugh might be publicly about seven around the count. And Byrne on in here well it don't hurt probably Rahman Al second place. Inman forty Canada could detonate you know that could pick trigger -- made more money in two and a half hour spelling words that I will anchor. Fiscal year 2017. And she could be under Jimmy Kimmel caught on fighting words could be in a day what I learned turned the telling me. I'm very distinct in the battle game tonight is quite a ball out tailored to spelling bee I have no more nailed last. That and I and in deciding to pick up a book. Look in Webster's dictionary should I can't. Tell act fall in total Mike signing off may be trying to salvage the remainder of my main. The knowingly could have concluded.