Dana & Jayson - Entitled Mike's Netflix Junkie Review: GLOW

Friday, August 10th

​Entitled Mike watches things so you don't have to. Since our shiftless intern is the only person who streams more mindless programming than Jayson, we put him on the case to preview and review the good, the bad, and the ugly that might pop up in your queue. Check out his Netflix Junkie Review of the Netflix original series Glow, and find out if you should skip it, or stream it this weekend in San Diego.

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All 949 in San Diego's alternative where Dana and chase and producer Jack you can't afford to waste time there're so many shadows. And movies out there on streaming services like Netflix Hulu you certainly can't watch the ball and you don't waste your time on one that lines up sat king so that's why we assign as part of his job our intern the duty of scouring all the streaming services and watching everything so that he could tell us whether or not it's worth your time so should you stream its course Gibbons. It's entitled my Netflix junkie reviews with Dana and Jason on all ninety point nine. It titled night. Yeah I had a good morning it's fine even though I stayed up all night watching me. The women's wrestling documentary airing. I. Now you sound like there's a hint of Xiamen your voice. I mean if not the most manly thing I watched and I mean glow. And probably not for a minute title might get the explain it. Jason got some on my Netflix desperate to jump start her career struggling actress Ruth heads to a casting call live at LA gem and quickly realized that it's not a typical audition. Yeah absolutely there are all your expectation that everything you knew about woman dressed when humidity I really enjoyed an untapped now so. I lose that many thought literati. Now what was it that got you about business. I mean they didn't. I heard fairly autonomous not show. Oh yeah. I don't weird eighties Larry. We know why they're like where I'm glad I found out there a moment about my well being there in the morning not he's the room. Meet on the leotard. As early as your mom watch a lot of Jane Fonda work out videos that's when you're a child. Maybe. I don't know why do you and an actual. We're OK so yeah he took me Carly Jason can now my network but we really don't watch finish normal sport and lesbians my Netflix. I thought Jason now you've seen this and you know I've had sex with club I could not thought talking about well I love glow it's two seasons already and if you haven't got on that you have to get on that. Yeah I'm a bomb bomb actually with them on that play big Jason doesn't that Kerry she I don't yeah. I follow and there's been brilliant and I enjoyed it Klein what I'd say during a vote. A cup and I thought I would be the day. Ed and I happen. I want except that I want you to stand up this morning and let us. After watching glow at 3 AM but I'd be proud that you lake an eighties wrestling chick show. If you want the non stop highly. Action. That all I can you sit you comedy about your budget Jack's era so you can go out. Entitled Mike says it's stream it. This has been Netflix junky reviews with Dana and Jason on all of 949 and wit therapist this week I want you did today and down a dark indeed and figure out why you're uncomfortable this morning records or video.