Dana & Jayson - Entitled Mike's Fantasy Football Team-Name SMACKDOWN

Thursday, August 9th

The Hall of Fame Game is in the books, and football is officially back, so to help you get ready for the Fantasy Football season, Entitled Mike presided over our Fantasy Football Team-Name SMACKDOWN. A trio of amazing prizes were on the line including Friday night KAABOO Del Mar passes for 1st place, Weezer + Pixies tickets for 2nd place, and Fitz and the Tantrums tickets for 3rd place. It could be Dana & Jayson, or it could be you, but the only smack down this morning was on a less than stellar series of submissions. Jockstrap not included this morning on Alt 949.

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Okay. Dina insisted all. We're not ready. And what it comes your fantasy football team team I believe there's two types of people probably those who just mail it in and to a generic name and those Hugh. Fred a lot of pressure on themselves or Connell was something really clever and if you're one of the people that put a lot of thought into it. This is the show freeing her. And a USA today just came out with a list of the top fifteen. Fantasy football means that Dave founded they wanted to highlight but this morning it's about you and the names that you've come up boys and we're wondering what are the best ones in San Diego L and we're gonna be awarding prizes this morning at 6195701949. We're going to be doing. A third place winner we've got Fitz and the tantrums tickets second place runner up we user in the pick seasick it's for the Saturday at the match charm and the theater and for the best fantasy football team name and all of San Diego could Bhutto mark passes for Friday night that's Foo Fighters night. Poking somebody up this morning now I'm not qualified to judge. I'm definitely not qualified to judge Jack you're not qualified to judge well I didn't have a pretty good one back when Drew Brees was playing for the chart at breezy knees. That's. Let me in yeah highlight phrase knees yeah at that point a blank perfect I. I already I civility I was going to we'll. I understand it and mom we do know however have an expert on the line right now entitled Mike. No adult when you have me you've got an eighteen and he's done it sixteen back to back top ten. This year in the home run derby took out and Tomas you know. I am embarrassed Larry but they'll until like please call by yourself. On the back up. How many fantasy teams are you odd. I'm going to Dallas here and mommy and particularly this year I just that they've. You're knowledge of ninety's and 2000. Pop culture in a much. Really really strongly he could bring you name into one name that gives bonus points always you know we've all seen a lady on the where we have all seen the try the winters. Not look at more pressure reality. Maybe a job trust and Gordon's fisherman like Melvin Gordon yeah I have let's look like him quality at a table. Quality to the table okay Ned do you guys wanna hear a couple that USA today APEC does some of their favorite Tennessee football team names that way we know we're not in any Erie. Oh repeat OK we'll there was a one hit. Easy Drake of Ben. For dolphins running back Kenyan. Yeah so I don't think. Just cannot get out there about how. Well you didn't say they're sorry and that sort of paper a kiss from a rose. I don't I'm burdened or not I don't know I'm OK. How about paid Arnold's. Army didn't upset. Drop bullets now now. I don't top cheered conclude tomorrow or not. In my opinion I don't get older you are number one pick in the USA today it will ultimately set yet that was pretty yet. How is pretty get those pretty good like this. I mean don't my big money league we have cheaper situation going out and I'm keeping Adam steely and and Mike you name is still we are not your dirty clothes if you could be back. Or get an. Six 9570194. And I are here to judge. Okay. Yeah. It's not poor guy ready. Yeah this is where I'm. It's creativity to the airwaves this morning. If you've put thoughts. And time into naming your fantasy football team there are prizes on the line this morning we have teased C Fitz and the tantrums Weezer and the taxis. And it's it's a conclude Del Mar Foo Fighters night of Friday night all for the best team names in San Diego fantasy football smack down entitled night our intern he is at all knowing when it comes a football season six fantasy leagues and title like you're the judge what do you looking for in a fantasy football team name. You're acknowledge your ninety's and 2000. Pop culture it must. Really really strongly you bring you named until one name that gives bonus points always you know. 6195701949. Hey Britney area they're from PB I hate Britney or you begin to Tennessee football. My husband and you don't get any deeper. A I think you're submitting on his behalf. Yet he called me that there is it popping up to call Mo. Yeah. Doubt it keep forcing you to call because he's too embarrassed by his name. I I think right now. We came up with the names and got. And it is do you use baby. For there Redskins rookie. And that is his body at. The idea is references for extra planes and bringing in two names item I mean I feel very passionate about the word going to submit that to our judge for short. She's hitting all the right notes eyes she's hitting all the right now it's like a good glass of one life insurance that you love Hillary on the back. I'm pretty thank you for calling hang on OK okay now I think britney's house bed did it the other lottery. Kept it she is is Bryan Pittman Barack spraying your britney's husband I am. I could. I don't believe he realizes that Britney just talk to us by second the guy we have meridia are Britney just talked to us she followed the excitement Brian and you called her before you called us and she immediately called that acute every. Juicy and maybe a great series juice the running back for the Redskins yet. RA all cases 6195701949. There's during theirs out there can you be. But since you see is they gave up. Thanks Brian. Gay. Golden State. And chase him all night. We're not ready. Our competition. Yeah. The prizes are so good so it's the ultimate fantasy football team names smack downs of you've put thoughts. Into your fantasy team named the prizes are Fitz and the tantrums tickets for third place we've got Weezer and the pick c.s for the Saturday night. Second place and then of first place best in San Diego it's come booed Omar Friday night and titled light is the judge. And callers on an upgrade out 6195701949. Hi Michael from the mesa. I don't morning Michael good morning you're big into Tennessee you know I don't know I'm Megan chopped up and guitar playing. But perfect what I got in right wouldn't. People offered guidance this it league we like to promote the game and everyone just talks are all the time. Not and so I've really put thought into it and my first name or at school it SK 00 well I Aaron yet and a lot they went era. Schooling Murat school in Europe. The it would look sort of I want Ehrlich. Indeed by goalie or. I like under continued second and K Stephanie good morning from day park and Arnie how are you don't they get Seve or you begin to Tennessee football. Yeah I have ever met I mean I meant it I'm not about it being a gala that I criteria and I got a combination and print. Apple pocket. We know what it says it. Matt and Bob get prince smashes pumpkins so as a media prints of the football player. Then that trend the art. And yet the name of the football team and back upon and skipping your opponent also and they when he's. I. Ignored the football bar at the yeah we're and it may have a different. Yeah how does this yeah. I I don't feel. Yeah I never admit it and it's yeah.