Dana & Jayson - Entitled Mike: All Bets Are ON

Tuesday, May 15th

With news that the Supreme Court has paved the way for sports betting to become legal in states across America, Dana & Jayson knew they needed to address it. But since neither Jayson or Producer Jack actually gamble on sports, we went straight to the source, and woke up our intern Entitled Mike to weigh in. Need a hot tip on a Kangaroo boxing match? We've got your back this morning on Alt 949.


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Senior sports gambling is about to go to the next level the Supreme Court just opened literal flood gates yesterday they lifted the federal ban on sports gambling. So that means instead of having to go to Vegas about on sports. You're gonna be able to do it at all casinos and it is going to be up to the states to make their own laws and decisions about all this and how far it's gonna go but it's you could ultimately be gambling from your phone. Go out on sports now I know that this doesn't you're not a sports gambler now producer Jack isn't a sports gambler now but Ari in certain. Doesn't make any money but again I got him online pay entitled Mike can do it on thank you for waking up by the way. Yeah I don't know what a glorious and falcon actually write it bent on everything. You already heard yeah I've been betting on an underhanded grasshopper lighten China now I don't know. Should I actually got anxiety. Is hot and my mirror box and a wallet. I got it and I should. Because I'm so scared that you are going to use every penny they thought applaud your not. Well let's be honest those big blue are gonna make bad. All I know that to you I mean and this change and nothing terminates. No that's not true because is this is what all addicts out there about. Well I play a nickname like you can go out and replace a couple of dogs wait years and that's. I. Know I'm Jordan Byrd looks elegant toilet paper. And taken under created it you know and in but I guess this situation. There legitimately person who bundle has come out there literally change the game I actually called book during a couple suited of people do have a mobile money. And I thought yeah. Ice and your bed oh and I didn't know what people are being. Black market and gamble away at VI yeah lord is my last name to the public didn't put dynamite sectors. It's here yeah. Well because like you title like correct me if I'm wrong you specifically. Book trips to Las Vegas so that you can gamble for sports thing he does. Forty years to win by my body and I've scheduled trips or out week one to week street just like kick off and then we go from the first week of the playoffs. I now own big bear no point. Yeah cinematic bit yeah. You know this kind of my. Out this week I might boot times and losers should. And my career and I just lying you know then it. I'm watching you yeah yeah that there. Expect a apparently don't try amendment. Thank you for coming up less than subtle like an idiot I read up let's go belly dead away at a lady's set aside so nervous about that than today then. All right now I guess entitled Mike. Aren't certain will be taxing to wind although he is banned from the contact and but you right now can take our money at thousand dollars. And you get suspended in any way you once we have a quarter of a million dollars to work where they were giving it away 1000 dollars at a times are right now. That code word for you to Texas coffee coffee seven to 81 is the number seven to 81 your chance when it thousand dollars right now message Nader is to apply. And we're gonna give you another code word coming up at 810 and another one at 910 we do it twelve times every day your chance at a grand from all money for an hour and.